A Woman Named Sage

I finished A Woman Called Sage by DiAnn Mills last night, but it was too late to put this up. I also finished it in two and a half days but that other half day I couldn’t decide what to read.
Sage Morrow is on the hunt for the men who killed her husband and child seven years ago. By doing that she sets out as a bounty hunter, bringing in outlaws while searching. She promised herself that she’s not going to stop until the men are dead, and she always keeps her promises.
Marshall Parker Timmons wants the McCaws out of town. He also wants them hung for how many people they’ve killed, especially because they killed his friend and brother. So, he sends out for help to capture Aiden McCaw and who would answer but Sage Marrow.
Now Sage and Parker have to negotiate the mountains while protecting a town, not being found by the enemy, and not getting shot. Also, can the love they feel growing sprout into something more.
Now, one thing you can’t complain about this story is that it starts out slow. Someone’s picking up a gun within the first chapter.
Also, all the characters that are killed in this book you don’t really get attached to them. Partly because the author didn’t allow the reader too much information about the characters and partly because the characters weren’t a large part of the story. That can be a good thing or a bed thing depending on your opinion.
Throughout the story, suspense is there. Not only are the odds awful, but the McCaws watching the town. The author weaves the suspense perfectly with the romance. But I think that if you enjoy suspense books without romance or don’t like to read romance this book probably isn’t for you.
Romance as stated above is throughout as well. One of the thoughts that ran through my head, about Sage, at the end of the story was that she must have been beautiful to have chase after and/or fall in love with her. I think the romance coincided perfectly with the suspense. DiAnn Mills has a way to make a romance perfect for adults and teens because she keeps her romances clean.
Again, this is a Christian book and it’s apparent throughout. There is a lot of prayer and a lot of talk about God. One of the worst characters in this story just so happens to be the minister. He judges everyone using God’s name and ruins reputations because HE doesn’t like what their not God.
Overall, I loved this book and I love how well it wrapped up at the end, not everyone can finish a book well. DiAnn Mills is quickly becoming one of my personal favorite authors. I’d say it’s perfect for those who love historical romantic suspenses. I give it four out of five.
Thanks for reading. I hope you found it helpful. If there’s anything you want me to review don’t hesitate to ask.
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I just finished reading Listen by Rene Gutteridge and it took me a little longer than usual and I’ll tell you in a second. By the way I got this for my Kindle and last time I checked this book is still free. So, if you want you can go check it out.
What would you do if your private conversations were plastered all over the Internet? Impossible? Well the tiny town of Marlo just had this happen to them.
Someone has started a website where people of Marlo have their conversations, the ones they don’t want anyone to hear, online for anyone to see. Some of the conversation aren’t damaging, but others can and will destroy lives.
Now the police are scrambling to find who’s doing this to their small community.
I normally finish a book in two or three days but this story severely hindered that. The concept of this tale is amazing, but it’s not easy to execute. I have to Rene Gutteridge credit, she tried, but didn’t succeed.
The book is definitely a thought provoked, though. It makes you think, are your words, even spoken in private, still damaging and to whom?
For me, the best part of the book was the end, and not for reasons you think. The ending was when the book really really got interesting.
Instead of placing this speech under suspense or mystery, like I originally would have, I would place this story under drama. Because that’s what it was full of. The gossip that ran rampant throughout this book drove people to insanity. Some even destroyed personal property.
There isn’t any romance in this book at all, which if your a romance buff may bug you, but I didn’t mind the lack of it.
The Underwood parents in this book, or rather Kay mainly, goes over the top with their teen kids and Kay obsesses over every stitch of clothing her daughter wears, with good reason. She also tries to control her daughters friends and her entire life. There are time in the story where I wanted to climb through my iPod and give her a hard shake.
Again, this is a Christian book, but there isn’t a ton of references. There’s just enough mentions to make it clear what the author believes. The pastor is a reoccurring character, though not a big one. They mention Frank and his faith once, church attendance a few times, and prayer a few times as well.
This book is beautifully written though and you can tell Ms. Gutteridge has been writing for years and truly has a gift for it. The pictures she paints draw you in. She describes the scenery, but I think her real talent is in describing people and there expressions. In that way this book was saved considerably.
Overall, I give this a three out of five. This book is truly a disappointment especially after what I’ve heard of Rene Gutteridge. If you’ve read Rene Gutteridges books, you may like this book, but for those who haven’t I’d say bypass it at least for now.
Thanks for reading my review I hoped you enjoyed it and it was helpful. Please tell me what you thought and if you’ve read this tale please tell me whether or not you agree.
If you have anything to review let me know. Stay tuned for more reviews and if you haven’t yet check out my other reviews.
Also, if you want to read Listen by Rene Gutteridge go here:


As stated in my last post on Mike Dellosso’s The Hunted, I got a 2-in-1 book at Walmart. I just finished this story this morning, so this is my review.
The story begins with Mark Stone as he is talking to his buddy on the phone. When Mark and his friend both hear hellish screams interrupt their call, their confused and try to write it off as a crossing of signals. But when Mark’s friend dies seconds later in an accident, and another person dies just minutes after hearing the screams, Mark realizes it’s not just a coincidence.
It also follows Judge, a man bent on revenge for a murder committed over 30 years ago. Only he’s raking women to be surrogate sacrifices.
Again, like The Hunted, this story starts almost immediately. The adrenaline pumps with the story and it truly is a mystery who is doing what. Or at least for me. I think for those hardcore mystery/thriller/suspense fans, this may be a predictable read, though enjoyable the whole time.
Compared to The Hunted, this story is lacking in supporting characters that give advice to the main character [SPOILER ALERT!] and throughout you were waiting for someone to explain the screams, but no one truly ever did. Sorry about the spoiler, but that was something that I couldn’t not mention.
Also, there is a tad of relationship problems and, without revealing too much, I would like to say that this was handled perfectly. The author portrayed how Cheryl would feel if she was real.
One thing that I truly love about Mike Dellosso’s stories is that he makes his characters real and flawed and relatable.
Just like The Hunted, this book is Christian with faith and Bible stories mixed throughout. This book broaches the subject of hypocritical Christians more so than The Hunted and for that I love it.
Overall, amazing story. Compared to The Hunted, though, it falls a littles short. Excellently written and with many twists and turns, though can be predictable to those who read these booms all the time. Definitely Christian, for those that mind that. In the end I’m going to give it four out of five.
That’s my review, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have read this book, tell me what you thought and whether or not you agree with me. Tell me if you want me to review anything and stay tuned for more reviews. Thanks for reading!

The Hunted

The other day I went to Walmart to shop for my dad for Valentine’s Day and (of course) came out with a book.
The book is one of those 2-in-1 books, which I recently fell in love with because of the price. It’s The Hunted and Scream by Mike Dellosso. Today, I’m going review The Hunted and in a few days, Scream.
It follows Joe Saunders. After hearing about his nephew’s disappearance, he travels to the town of his childhood, Dark Hills. He goes searching for his nephew and finds him, mauled by an animal.
With his nephews life hanging by a thread and more maulings, Joe goes on a hunt for the mysterious beast that is tearing people to shreds and striking fear into everyone in town. But, as he starts to peel back the layers of the mysterious circumstances, he finds secrets buried for generations.
Joe and the townsfolk of this small town search for what they believe is a lion, but is it really? They also find that this creature may have something to do with the black magic of Africa and may be connected to the attacks of a same kind over eighty years ago.
One thing that you can’t complain about this book is that it starts out slow. This book wastes no time in building back story and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case though, it’s a good thing. As Joe learns more about the town, you do.
One thing, though, is the attacks. If your squeamish or don’t like gore, you may not like this book. Mike Dellosso tells of the attacks in detail, but not in too much detail. He tells the condition of the body without going too far.
There also is a hint of romance when Joe and Maggie, the female chief of police, rekindle their romance of fifteen years ago. The romance is subtle and does nothing to disturb the story line. In most cases I would scream for more romance, bit in this case I think anymore would stray from the stirrings and distort the whole book.
This is a Christian book and it shows with many references of Christ, God, and Jesus. In fact, the characters’ faith is the focal point of the entire book. So, for the non-Christian readers out there it may bug you.
This story is written perfectly and paints the perfect picture in your head as to what the author intended.
It also keeps you guessing, you think that you know and the author yanks the rug out from under you, revealing that you were wrong.
Overall, this book is perfect for a suspense reader, a mystery reader, and a reader that enjoys books with supernatural undertones. I give this book four and a half stars out of five.
Tell me what you want me to review and, if you’ve read this read this book, what you thought of this story and whether or not you agree with me.
Thanks for reading my review and stick around for Scream by Mike Dellosso.

When the Devil Whistles

So. I finished When the Devil Whistles by Rick Acker. My review is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me at all. Another note: I have this book on my Kindle, so it’s a tad different.
First, let’s find out what the book is about. The story follows Allie Whitman, a professional whistle-blower. She has never been caught in what she does, be a temp accountant while searching for fraud to turn them in.
Now, when she gets into more trouble than she can handle and is in danger, the only one she can call on is the one that trusts her the least, her lawyer/friend Connor Norman.
I know that’s a watered down description but I don’t want to spoil anything. Now, on to my review.
This book just starts out way too slow. I was about halfway through before the book started to pick up, but despite that fact, I kept turning pages. Partly because I was waiting for the story to speed up, and another part because it was so well written.
Rick Acker definitely can write a book well. The characters had depth and you genuinely feel along with them. Rick Acker is very descriptive and paints an amazing picture in not just the characters but the scenery. You feel the danger, suspense, despair, etc.
It’s fair to say that this book is technically Christian, but unlike some books I have read, it’s not preachy with only fleeting references to faith and God. Also unlike the main character of other Christian books, Allie didn’t necessarily become a Christian in the end of the story.
There is a little bit of romance, but not a lot. Connor and Allie want to become more than friends but Connor’s company has policies against dating clients.
I can’t say much more without giving away the twists and turns, so that’s where I’m going to end.
Overall, I think this book is realistic with a realistic feel. Because of the slow start, I’d give this book a three point five out of five.
I got this book on my Kindle for free so if you have a Kindle or and iPod Touch or iPhone, get the free app, and check out Kindle bestsellers. Some of the books are duds but sometimes they’re pretty good.
If you’ve read this book please tell me what you thought of it. Also, tell me games, books, apps, etc. that you want me to review. Until next time. 🙂

Reasons, reasons, reasons

So. I started this blog and I was racking my mind trying to figure out what the heck I was going to write about. Then, it hit me. I watch TV, play games (video or otherwise), and I read books. Why not tell others why or why not I liked something.
Another reason I wanted to start this reviews blog is because I enjoy reviews . I enjoy them because they tell another person’s opinion. I think giving my opinion on something I already love doing is going to be fun and, hopefully, helpful for whoever reads this.
This first post is kind of a description of this blog because for one, it’s nice to know what your getting into, and two, I don’t have anything to review today. I will in a few days though. I’m just started a book called When the Devil Whistles by Rick Acker and will have that up when I finish.
If you have anything you want me yo review, let me know. Also, I’m on twitter. Follow me at danyelle0423. I hope you stick around for my reviews. See you in a few days.