As stated in my last post on Mike Dellosso’s The Hunted, I got a 2-in-1 book at Walmart. I just finished this story this morning, so this is my review.
The story begins with Mark Stone as he is talking to his buddy on the phone. When Mark and his friend both hear hellish screams interrupt their call, their confused and try to write it off as a crossing of signals. But when Mark’s friend dies seconds later in an accident, and another person dies just minutes after hearing the screams, Mark realizes it’s not just a coincidence.
It also follows Judge, a man bent on revenge for a murder committed over 30 years ago. Only he’s raking women to be surrogate sacrifices.
Again, like The Hunted, this story starts almost immediately. The adrenaline pumps with the story and it truly is a mystery who is doing what. Or at least for me. I think for those hardcore mystery/thriller/suspense fans, this may be a predictable read, though enjoyable the whole time.
Compared to The Hunted, this story is lacking in supporting characters that give advice to the main character [SPOILER ALERT!] and throughout you were waiting for someone to explain the screams, but no one truly ever did. Sorry about the spoiler, but that was something that I couldn’t not mention.
Also, there is a tad of relationship problems and, without revealing too much, I would like to say that this was handled perfectly. The author portrayed how Cheryl would feel if she was real.
One thing that I truly love about Mike Dellosso’s stories is that he makes his characters real and flawed and relatable.
Just like The Hunted, this book is Christian with faith and Bible stories mixed throughout. This book broaches the subject of hypocritical Christians more so than The Hunted and for that I love it.
Overall, amazing story. Compared to The Hunted, though, it falls a littles short. Excellently written and with many twists and turns, though can be predictable to those who read these booms all the time. Definitely Christian, for those that mind that. In the end I’m going to give it four out of five.
That’s my review, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have read this book, tell me what you thought and whether or not you agree with me. Tell me if you want me to review anything and stay tuned for more reviews. Thanks for reading!


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