Title: Rendezvous
Author: Melody Carlson
Publisher: Zondervan
Series: On The Runway
Number: 3
Pages: 224
Published: August 17, 2010

Paige and Erin Forrester are back! This time in Paris, France! If only life were as uncomplicated as their flight overseas.
With four guys vying for either Paige or Erin life gets rocky when they all seem to be in the same place at the same time, thanks to Eliza Wilton, a model who has an agenda.
Fashion just got more dramatic than you could ever dream it could be. With stick-thin models, fashion, and high emotions things are bound to go wrong.
Melody Carlson is an award winning author who has written more than 200 books for teens. Out of all the books that I’ve read of hers this series has to be the most shallow. Despite the fact that this series breaks the norm, I can’t say that I don’t like it. In fact, I love this series.
I think the reason that this book is so good is because of Erin, the down-to-earth girl in a shallow world. The last thing she cares about is fashion. So she plays camera girl.
This book has quote unquote romance, but it tends to be more teen like and is mostly Erin confused about where they stand.
Despite the norm, this book really doesn’t have much Christian aspect in it. Erin is a Christian and she prays, spends time talking to God, and goes to youth group, but her family aren’t Christian, which make you hope for them to become one.
The author makes the characters intriguing and unique. Paige has started to change her old ways and though you see glimpses of how she used to be, you are amazed at how she’s grown. Even the characters that show conflict show parts of themselves that show who they want to be, leaving you waiting for the change in them as well.
Melody Carlson is one of my favorite authors because not only can she write an awesome book, she can write an awesome teen book in first person. She has a gift of making you feel like you’ve gone through the same situation as the main character even if you haven’t. That’s a gift only God can give.
Overall, I love this book. It brings out the shallow side of you, but stays grounded with Erin. It’s perfect for a teen girl, particularly one who loves high fashion.

I received this book free from Zondervan for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride


Title: Always the Wedding Planner, Never The Bride
Author: Sandra D. Bricker
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Pages: 320
Released: October 28, 2011


Of all the people you would think would have a perfect wedding Sherilyn Caine, a wedding planner, would be her. But with mysteriously disappearing wedding dresses and drama after drama, perfection is the last thing happening.
Andrew Drummond IV and Sherilyn have left Chicago behind for Atlanta for Andrew’s job and Sherilyn finds herself working alongside her college roommate and best friend, Emma, as the wedding planner. If only her own would go as smoothly as her clients’.

After reading the prequel to this book, I was ecstatic to find this one available for review. The author made me a fan with Always the Baker, Never the Bride, the story of Emma, the diabetic baker, and Jackson, her new boss. This book picks up where that one left off, just with a different couple in the limelight.
This book is a light read and is the book version of a feel good romance movie. There is some drama and rockiness to the romances, but it just enhances the experience of reading this book.
This book is not boring and never leaves me bored or wanting to put it down and find something more interesting to do. The author drags you into the storyline and makes you want to read more from not only this series but from this author as well.
The author also has a gift of making simple, subtle romances into one of your favorites. The romance between Andy and Sherilyn is pretty much already established but the side romances aren’t. Romance is the main plot in this book and I like it.
There is a little mystery with this book, though. It’s the case of the mysterious disappearing wedding dress. It’s not much, in fact, it takes up maybe four pages of the book total. Again, a subtle add on that leaves you hooked to the story line.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It’s perfect for the romantic in us all. I give it four out of five.

I received this book free from Abingdon Press and NetGalley for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.



Title: Indelible
Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah
Pages: 328
Released: May 3, 2011


Natalie Reeve is a sculptor with an incredible gift; she has an eidetic memory. The only way to get images out of her mind is to sculpt them. Her life changes when she meets Trevor MacDaniel after he saves her nephew from a mountain lion.
Trevor MacDaniel is an ex-skier with a past and painful memories. When he meets Natalie, he begins to feel like he can put away his past and move on. If only the pictures would stop coming. With a stalker who views him as a archangel and adversary he has to find a way to stop him while protecting those he loves.

The book starts off on a fantastic foot with you reading the suspenseful rescue of Natalie’s nephew Cody. It immediately makes you like Trevor and dislike Natalie’s sister-in-law, who blames Natalie for a situation that is out of anyone’s control.
Event after event occurred in quick succession until in a few short chapters you basically have the run down of the book. Then, about a quarter of the way through the book the pictures start being sent to Trevor of children in precarious and terrifying situations.
That’s when the book starts to take a turn for the worst. The suspense in this book just wasn’t very suspenseful to me. Part of the suspense in the book was the stalker’s perspective, in a completely different tone, at the end of each chapter which was actually kind of suspenseful and I really enjoy that added detail to any book.
As well as with the suspense, the romance in this story was kind of weak too. There’s no real memorable or romantic moments. Which in most cases would be fine, but with the suspense the way it was I was hoping the romance would be good, but it wasn’t really.
Redemption comes for this book, however, with the characters and storyline. The characters in this story are lovable and realistic as well as the storyline. The suspense may not have been up to par, but the way it was later out was incredible. It definitely reflected the author’s experience in writing.
Overall, this book is okay, but for an experienced author like this one it falls short of what I know she can do. I’m still a fan and will still read more of her books I just wasn’t impressed with this book. It’s perfect for those who like a gentle suspense and romance with strong characters. I give it two and a half out of five.

I received this book free from the Waterbrook Multnomah blogger program specifically for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.