The Hunted

The other day I went to Walmart to shop for my dad for Valentine’s Day and (of course) came out with a book.
The book is one of those 2-in-1 books, which I recently fell in love with because of the price. It’s The Hunted and Scream by Mike Dellosso. Today, I’m going review The Hunted and in a few days, Scream.
It follows Joe Saunders. After hearing about his nephew’s disappearance, he travels to the town of his childhood, Dark Hills. He goes searching for his nephew and finds him, mauled by an animal.
With his nephews life hanging by a thread and more maulings, Joe goes on a hunt for the mysterious beast that is tearing people to shreds and striking fear into everyone in town. But, as he starts to peel back the layers of the mysterious circumstances, he finds secrets buried for generations.
Joe and the townsfolk of this small town search for what they believe is a lion, but is it really? They also find that this creature may have something to do with the black magic of Africa and may be connected to the attacks of a same kind over eighty years ago.
One thing that you can’t complain about this book is that it starts out slow. This book wastes no time in building back story and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case though, it’s a good thing. As Joe learns more about the town, you do.
One thing, though, is the attacks. If your squeamish or don’t like gore, you may not like this book. Mike Dellosso tells of the attacks in detail, but not in too much detail. He tells the condition of the body without going too far.
There also is a hint of romance when Joe and Maggie, the female chief of police, rekindle their romance of fifteen years ago. The romance is subtle and does nothing to disturb the story line. In most cases I would scream for more romance, bit in this case I think anymore would stray from the stirrings and distort the whole book.
This is a Christian book and it shows with many references of Christ, God, and Jesus. In fact, the characters’ faith is the focal point of the entire book. So, for the non-Christian readers out there it may bug you.
This story is written perfectly and paints the perfect picture in your head as to what the author intended.
It also keeps you guessing, you think that you know and the author yanks the rug out from under you, revealing that you were wrong.
Overall, this book is perfect for a suspense reader, a mystery reader, and a reader that enjoys books with supernatural undertones. I give this book four and a half stars out of five.
Tell me what you want me to review and, if you’ve read this read this book, what you thought of this story and whether or not you agree with me.
Thanks for reading my review and stick around for Scream by Mike Dellosso.