I just finished reading Listen by Rene Gutteridge and it took me a little longer than usual and I’ll tell you in a second. By the way I got this for my Kindle and last time I checked this book is still free. So, if you want you can go check it out.
What would you do if your private conversations were plastered all over the Internet? Impossible? Well the tiny town of Marlo just had this happen to them.
Someone has started a website where people of Marlo have their conversations, the ones they don’t want anyone to hear, online for anyone to see. Some of the conversation aren’t damaging, but others can and will destroy lives.
Now the police are scrambling to find who’s doing this to their small community.
I normally finish a book in two or three days but this story severely hindered that. The concept of this tale is amazing, but it’s not easy to execute. I have to Rene Gutteridge credit, she tried, but didn’t succeed.
The book is definitely a thought provoked, though. It makes you think, are your words, even spoken in private, still damaging and to whom?
For me, the best part of the book was the end, and not for reasons you think. The ending was when the book really really got interesting.
Instead of placing this speech under suspense or mystery, like I originally would have, I would place this story under drama. Because that’s what it was full of. The gossip that ran rampant throughout this book drove people to insanity. Some even destroyed personal property.
There isn’t any romance in this book at all, which if your a romance buff may bug you, but I didn’t mind the lack of it.
The Underwood parents in this book, or rather Kay mainly, goes over the top with their teen kids and Kay obsesses over every stitch of clothing her daughter wears, with good reason. She also tries to control her daughters friends and her entire life. There are time in the story where I wanted to climb through my iPod and give her a hard shake.
Again, this is a Christian book, but there isn’t a ton of references. There’s just enough mentions to make it clear what the author believes. The pastor is a reoccurring character, though not a big one. They mention Frank and his faith once, church attendance a few times, and prayer a few times as well.
This book is beautifully written though and you can tell Ms. Gutteridge has been writing for years and truly has a gift for it. The pictures she paints draw you in. She describes the scenery, but I think her real talent is in describing people and there expressions. In that way this book was saved considerably.
Overall, I give this a three out of five. This book is truly a disappointment especially after what I’ve heard of Rene Gutteridge. If you’ve read Rene Gutteridges books, you may like this book, but for those who haven’t I’d say bypass it at least for now.
Thanks for reading my review I hoped you enjoyed it and it was helpful. Please tell me what you thought and if you’ve read this tale please tell me whether or not you agree.
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