With Autumn’s Return


Title: With Autumn’s Return
Series: Westward Winds
Author: Amanda Cabot
Publisher: Revell
Published: January 21, 2014
Pages: 416


Elizabeth Harding came to Cheyenne, Wyoming to open her medical practice with high hopes. She’s certain she’ll have a line of patients eager for her services, but she quickly realizes that the town isn’t ready to welcome a new physician, particularly a lady doctor. Friends tell her that people will warm up, but Elizabeth has her doubts, particularly after a confrontation with the only other doctor in town.

Jason Nordling, a handsome young attorney and Elizabeth’s new neighbor, seems to also disapprove of Elizabeth’s chosen profession, but the more they get to know each other the more his opinion starts to change. He does, however, know that he can’t marry someone who will be a part time mother, particularly after his childhood. So, despite his attraction for Elizabeth and his ease at being around her, he’s determined to not fall in love.

Jason’s best laid plans might be futile when a web of deceit blankets Cheyenne’s wealthiest residents and threatens to entangle both him and Elizabeth. Despite the danger and the odds, they must work together to save one of Elizabeth’s patients and catch a criminal, even if it means falling in love in the process. Something neither of them want.

Can Elizabeth overcome the bias in town and become a successful doctor or will people avoid her because of her gender? Can Jason fall for Elizabeth despite of her career or is he too dead set on his idea of the perfect wife and mother? Can Elizabeth and Jason work together to set a trap without falling in love or will they fall hard as fast for each other? Can both Jason and Elizabeth follow God’s plan or will they be too caught up in their own stubbornness to follow?

I’ve followed the Harding sisters’ journeys since the first book and have enjoyed every one, but this one has to be my favorite of the three. I loved the set up of this book and how it all came to an end. This book was definitely well written and captured me until the last page. I greatly look forward to what other adventures Amanda Cabot sends me on and how each one will play out.

The romance in this book is a slow and steady one. It’s not one with a ton of kissing or anything like that but it’s definitely very well written and was a favorite because of the sweetness. As the romance progresses you see Jason struggle with his idea of a perfect wife and mother and how Elizabeth isn’t that and you see Elizabeth struggle with how a family wasn’t in her plans. I loved the realistic look at love and I loved the fact that I got to watch it play out.

There’s a bit of intrigue in this book as well, but it’s a small chunk and the romance takes the limelight. However, this suspense is a critical part of the book and it gives the characters the shove they need to finally be together, not to mention it just works really well in the story. The culprit is fairly easy to figure out but it’s still a nice nail-biting suspense to complete the book. It makes the book more interesting and helps break up what could be called monotony that is an average romance.

Because this is the last book in the series, some loose ends that have been there since the beginning are tied up and I’m left with a feeling of completeness that I sometimes don’t get. All of my questions ended up answered and all the little side stories were completed and it made it easier to say goodbye to a series I have been reading for almost two or three years now. It makes me look forward to the future endeavors of this author.

Amanda Cabot created a hit in this one for me. Though it wasn’t my all time favorite, I definitely enjoyed it and the escape I got from it. This book is my favorite of the three and can be read alone but I usually recommend that you read them in order and this is one of those times. You just don’t get the same effect if you tea them out of order. I highly recommend this book and its series to any lover of historical romance.

Overall, I loved this book the most out of the series but I don’t think it’ll make it onto my all time favorite list. I did however absolutely adore the romance and it did make it up there. This book is perfect for anybody who like historical romance novels. I think this book is best left to the adults though the content can easily accommodate teens. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*


Dare To Love Again


Title: Dare To Love Again
Series: The Heart Of San Francisco
Author: Julie Lessman
Publisher: Revell
Published: January 7, 2014
Pages: 416


Spunky Allison McClare is determined to be a fearless independent woman, but when she decides to explore the wild Barbary Coast at dusk, she quickly realizes that she’s no match or the unsavory characters that haunt the dark streets. However, she’s determined to be independent and do what she wants without fear, so her uncle does a little arranging and sets her up with someone who might be able to teach her how to defend herself, the only problem, they can’t stand each other.

Detective Nick Barone would rather do almost anything then teach this petite socialite self-defense, but it seems he has very little choice. So he gets to work to help Allison but it’s not easy to do with sparks flying every time they’re near each other, so they come to a grudging agreement to be friends, but when that starts to become more Nick knows he has to make a choice.

With a past that he can’t outrun and a contract he can’t break, everything in him is telling him to run away far and fast from Allison, but his heart tells him to stay, even if he swore he’s never get involved. Allison must also make a choice give her heart away and risk deceit and heartbreak for the third time or miss out on something that could be beautiful. They both have everything on the line but something won’t let them pull away and maybe that’s a good thing.

Can Nick gain peace with his past or will he constantly be bitter and anger over his life? Can Allison risk heartbreak again or will she hide her heart away and possibly miss out on true love? Is love worth giving up everything or will the risks be too great? Is Nick another liar or is he genuine? Can two enemies reconcile and become a couple or is it too much to overcome?

Having read every single Julie Lessman book on the market to date, I can tell you that even though the O’Connors will forever hold a special place in my heart, this series is the product of Julie finding her happy medium. So far this series is very well crafted and thought out and, as much as I hate to admit it, better formed than her previous two series. I’m very impressed with how far Julie has come and so glad that I’ve been able to be along for the ride thus far.

That said, this book as a novel is actually very good. It gave me my romantic gestures, like kissing, and gave me my emotional development to make it seem more realistic. Though, at the end it seemed to resolve a bit too easily, it was still very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book. I absolutely can’t wait to see what other magnificent story I get next, I hope it’s about Bram, and what drama could be stirred up in this next one.

The concept of this story is pretty good and I loved watching the romance go from swatting to teasing to kissing in about half a book, and yes ladies and gentlemen there is some swatting involved. The conflicts seem a bit far fetched at times but are well done enough that I believed it all hook, line, and sinker. It’s hard to tell about the the last half of the book because it’s spoiler alert after spoiler alert, but let’s just say that the drama kicks in and it’s definitely worth the wait.

My favorite character in this story has to be Allison. She’s not your average heroine from romance novels. She’s awesome and independent and doesn’t want to rely on any man for stuff she’s perfectly capable of doing herself. Most of this attitude comes from being deceived twice but it comes across as strength not bitterness or fear so I greatly loved the change of pace. The other characters all have their quirks and are all lovable in their own ways so I can’t help but look forward to every new Julie Lessman book that comes out.

Julie Lessman has been a favorite since her first book and I’ve had the pleasure of being able to watch, book by book, her grow into the wonderful author that she is. This book is definitely one of her great ones and I completely look forward to falling in love with this new family just like I did her last. I highly recommend this book and any of this author’s others, as long as you read them in order.

Overall, it had some unrealistic moments but in general I loved it. This book is perfect for fans of the author or fans of early-1900s fiction. This book is bed left in the hands of the adults only. I give this book a four and a half out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*



Title: Captives
Series: The Safe Lands
Author: Jill Williamson
Publisher: Zondervan
Published: April 2, 2013
Pages: 416


Eighteen year old Levi has just returned from Denver City with his latest scavenged finds, only to find his beloved village of Glenrock decimated, loved ones killed, and many – including his fianc├ę, Jemma – taken captive. Now the leader of their village, Levi knows he can’t stay behind and forget about those he loves, so he’s on a mission to rescue what remains of his people, even if it means going into the infamous Safe Lands, a walled city that seems anything but safe.

Omar brought the enforcers to his village and he knows he betrayed his brother by sending him away but he get helping the enforcers was necessary. Omar is tired of living off the land and clinging to what he believes is an outdated religion and he’s ready to change his way of life for the good. The Safe Lands have offered him power and wealth beyond Omar’s dreams if he just tells them where his village is. Omar never expected the carnage that would ensue.

Meanwhile, Mason, Omar and Levi’s brother, has been granted a position inside the Safe Lands, and may be able to use his captivity to save his people and possibly find a cure for the virus that threatens everyone within the Safe Lands’ walls. That is if he can manage to stay out of trouble and keep from falling for someone with the plague and destroying his chances of succeeding.

Can Levi rescue his people from the Safe Lands or will he fail and lose everything in the process? Will Omar realize what the Safe Lands really are or is the gilded cage enough to keep Omar satisfied? Will Mason be able to help his fellow villagers to freedom or will he get caught and get into serious trouble? Can Mason find a cure for the thin plague or will he have to choose between a girl he likes and freedom?

With all the excitement over post-apocalyptic movies and books, I decided to see what all the attention was about and I chose Jill Williamson’s book to do that. Now I know what everyone loves and I must say that this type of book just skyrocketed up my list of favorite genres and I fully intend to find more books like it. This book was better than my expectations, and I had high ones, and completely surprised me with the intricacy of this book. Just when you think things will work out something happens to change that and it ended on a cliffhanger, guaranteeing that I’ll be back to see how all this works out.

Though this book is set in 2088, a year that is 74 years in the future, it doesn’t feel too far off or too extreme to really happen. In fact, the attitude of the Safe Landers isn’t that different from regular secular people today, it’s just a bit more extreme. With e-cigarettes and a party/casual sex attitude out world is well on its way to becoming the fictional Safe Lands. Jill Williamson’s realistic, just extreme, take on us in the future is the most fascinating part of this book and definitely makes you think and question. I think she did an amazing job if her goal was to make teens question their life choices and where their future’s headed.

Tense and nerve-wracking scenes are the pinnacle of this book and it definitely gets your emotions involved. You want the Glenrock residents to escape before impregnation but you also want Mason to find a cure, not because of all the Safe Landers but just one. It gave me conflicting feelings on top of the taut nerves and nervous stomach, leaving me absolutely involved and emotionally invested in the outcome of this book. Very rarely do I feel this so I’m incredibly pleased it was with this one.

Every character has different strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to see them all. However, I do look forward to seeing them in the next books in this series. From what I was able to see, I picked a few favorite characters: Mason, Levi, and Shaylinn. I liked Mason because of his willpower and strength in tough situations, Levi because he’d do anything for Jemma, and Shaylinn because I can relate to her and her body image issues. I think no matter the person, you can relate to this book.

Jill Williamson is a new author for me but she has amazed me with Captives and I fully intend to read the next books in the series and even see what else she has come up with before this one. She’s very good at making a book a teenager, both boy or girl, will love. She even managed to do it without vampires or werewolves! I highly recommend this book for any teen and even some adults.

Overall, I really liked this book. It’s perfect for people who love dystopian novels or teen sci-fi. This book is perfect for teens, adults and maybe mature tweens. I give this book a five out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Elusive Hope


Title: Elusive Hope
Series: Escape To Paradise
Author: MaryLu Tyndall
Publisher: Barbour Books
Published: November 1, 2013
Pages: 320


Magnolia Scott is a Southern Belle forced against her will into the forests of Brazil. With her overbearing father insisting on uprooting her family to escape the uncertainty of Southern life after the Civil War, Magnolia doesn’t have much of a say in the matter. As Magnolia sees her life full of suitors, parties, dresses, and beauty fade, she realizes she needs to find a way out of this horrid jungle, even if she has to run away to do it.

Hayden Gale had spent years seeking revenge against his scoundrel of a father. His search leads him to Brazil, where he’s believed to be helping colonize the jungle, and he plans to seek out his father and finish his search once as for all. With nothing to lose, definitely not a good reputation, Hayden keeps searching, but he didn’t think he’d have a companion particularly not the snooty Magnolia Scott.

As they journey to Rio de Janeiro, each for different purposes, they both try and use the other for their own purposes, but the more they travel together the closer they get and the harder the deception is to uphold. Magnolia begins to love the place she used to hate and Hayden begins to see a different side of Magnolia he never knew existed and both begin to feel differently towards each other with every step. One thing’s for certain, falling in love wasn’t in the plans.

Can Magnolia Scott learn to love the tropical land that is Brazil or will she leave to try and find love back home? Will Hayden get his revenge against his father or will he realize that revenge isn’t healthy? Can Magnolia an Hayden fall in love despite their differences or will their love be ripped apart by life and status? Can Hayden and Magnolia realize that the only One who truly matters in this life is Jesus?

I love MaryLu Tyndall’s work. I have since the beginning and her first book, a pirate series that captured my heart. Since that first book MaryLu has definitely improved as an author and this book proves it. This book was eloquently written and heart tugging and I couldn’t get enough. Only MaryLu could make a book involving a con-man and a woman obsessed with her looks into a viable and romantic romance.

This romance is one of the best I’ve ever read! It had complexities and issues that made the romance feel realistic yet and kept my interest. This isn’t a hugely passionate romance, but neither is it stale. It has enough kisses and emotional connections to keep your attention without making it feel forced. The whole romance is just terribly romantic and plays on pretty much any historical romance buff’s fantasies. I absolutely loved this one!

The storyline of this novel is actually more than just a romance which definitely keeps your interest and because of the suspense of it, I actually stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to read it just because I couldn’t stop. There’s actually a really interesting secondary plot line that completely fascinates me and definitely makes me want to read the third book in the series. Without saying too much, it involves some creepy happenings and visions. It’s so gripping!

The setting of this book is gorgeous. I’ve never been to Brazil but MaryLu Tyndall’s description of this lush and green terrain creates a mental image that makes you feel like you’ve been there. In this book you really get to “experience” Brazil and because of that my opinion has kind of changed toward these colonists and their leaving America. This terrain has captured my heart along with the quirky mix of colonists that call it home.

MaryLu Tyndall captured me with her very first words in print and the inspiration for them, but this book captured me for a different reason and I’m glad I got the opportunity to see her grow into the amazing author she is today. This book is absolutely amazing and is definitely worthy rereading let alone reading. This author and all of her books come very highly recommended by me.

Overall, I loved it. It captured me from the beginning and I loved every second of the journey I got to go on. This book is perfect for romance lovers and lovers of the forest. This book is best left to adults and very mature teenagers. I give this book a five out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

No One To Trust


Title: No One To Trust
Series: Hidden Identity
Author: Lynette Eason
Publisher: Revell
Published: January 7, 2014
Pages: 336


When Summer Abernathy wakes up one morning to find her husband missing and three men intent on finding him, life as she knows it is now gone and replaced with a life that she never thought existed. She now has to navigate the hurt and pain that her husband’s lies and betrayal bring but also the uncertainty and danger her new world has to offer. Now’s the time to decide her fate, if she can stay alive long enough to choose.

David Hackett, AKA Kyle Abernathy, made some decisions and some enemies that placed him in Witness Protection with a new name and new life. He never intended to involve someone else, until he met Summer and married her. Now he’s been found again and on the run – again, but it’s not just him he needs to worry about this time, but with Summer’s trust for him shattered, it’s hard to protect her.

While Summer tries to stay alive, she searches for answers about her husband and his life before her. Her search takes her deep into a world of organized crime where people are used one minute and discarded the next. And with her deepest relationship of trust destroyed, she doesn’t know who to believe or whether she can forgive her husband again, but one thing she does know, it’s a fight to stay alive and she’ll fight even if she has to do it with her lying husband.

Can Summer dig up the truth about her husband and his past or with her digging cost her everything? Can Summer forgive her husband or will his lies be too much for her to forgive? Can Summer and David stay alive long enough to do what made David get into Witness Protection in the first place or will the Mafia get to them first? Can U.S. Marshall’s keep them safe or is the Mafia’s reach just too far and strong to really escape?

After Lynette Eason’s last series, I became a huge fan of hers and was very excited to the the opportunity to review her newest one. However, though this was typical Lynette style, it wasn’t a favorite of mine and didn’t grab me like her previous ones. It’s hard for me to pin down just why I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the others but I do know that there was something off about this story.

The suspense was awesome. It was full of action and bullets and definitely was a nail biter. At times I felt that the Mafia was a bit of a stretch for the story but overall, Lynette Eason did really well in crafting a believable and intense story about the Mafia after one man with the key to their freedom. For me it was fairly easy to guess certain things that were going to happen, others were a surprise, but that’s generally how Lynette Eason’s books go and I enjoy being surprised because it doesn’t happen often.

I think my problem with this book might stem from the characters. Summer was a but over dramatic about some of the secrets her husband had, others she was spot on about. She really held onto her anger towards her husband over his name the most and though I can agree with her anger, I think she maybe blew it out of proportion just a little bit and for a bit too long. David on the other hand is too perfect. Not once does he get frustrated with Summer, or anyone for that matter, and he manages to do everything right all the time, never once messing up.

That said though, the rest of the book was pretty good and I enjoyed the fact that the couple was already married so there was already love established. It made it easier and more believable to see their love reestablished instead of forming. It was also nice to see how a married couple could go through anything and come out with a stronger marriage on the other side. It shows a hopeful side of marriage that we don’t get to really see anymore.

Lynette Eason is still a favorite author of mine, but this book isn’t. I still look forward to her next book in the series, thanks to the nail-biting teaser at the back of the book. Lynette Eason is still the queen of thrilling suspenses that stretch the imagination, but this book didn’t feel as put together as I would’ve liked. I recommend this author and this book, but big fans of the author might feel like something’s missing too.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t my favorite Eason book. I look forward to her next one to hopefully redeem this one. I recommend this for fans of suspense and or the Mafia. This book is not recommended for children but adults and very mature teenagers may really enjoy this one. I give this book a three and a half out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*



Title: Singularity
Series: The Jevin Banks Experience
Author: Steven James
Publisher: Revell
Published: November 5, 2013
Pages: 464


Illusionist Jevin Banks is determined to find out what happened when his friend is murdered deep in the jungle. Labeled as an accident, Jevin and his crew know differently and are drawn to the mystery that no one seems interested in solving. So the hunt begins and the more Jevin digs the deeper he’s drawn into a dark world of secrets and conspiracies until Jevin and his crew are in too deep to escape unscathed.

Jevin is determined to find out the truth, no matter what and that leads him and his crew into a world few even thought existed, a world where the human body is only a suggestion and the human consciousness can be uploaded into a robot. This discovery only leads to more confusion on Jevin’s side and questions about why his friend was involved in this world.

With more questions than answers Jevin keeps digging but the more he digs the bigger and more complicated the puzzle gets until it seems like it’ll never be solved. Still Jevin persists and soon the puzzle starts to get solved but what they discover is a dark secret that could change the fabric and future of humanity forever. Now Jevin and his crew must try and defeat an enemy that is different than any of them expected and hopefully come out alive.

Can Jevin find the reason his friend was killed or will he get lost in the puzzle? Will Jevin defeat the madman who’s after them or will they end up as mere casualties to his plan? Will Jevin be able to help save humanity or will he be too late to save anyone? Can Jevin and his crew outsmart the enemy and win the battle or will they be defeated by someone smarter?

Having loved the first book in the series, Placebo, I was excited to get my hands on Singularity. Having extremely high hopes, I embarked on yet another journey with our lovable and trouble-prone hero/illusionist, Jevin Banks, and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. Steven James concocted yet another spine tingling, mind boggling, intellectually stumping suspense that definitely kept me on my toes.

My favorite part about all Steven James novels is the creepy almost horror-like bad guy and the realistic torture and gore scenes. Morbid but true. Steven James has a real talent for making a sadistic killer and thinking up new and unique ways to kill people. The one that I felt was the most gruesome and unique was at the very end. This may sound sadistic and morbid to those that have never read a Steven James novel, but for those of us that have and keep coming back for more, it makes total sense.

This book had a much thicker plot than Placebo and frankly at times it felt almost too thick. There was so many threads and people to keep track of that half the time you forgot who somebody was or why that part of the story was significant. In the end all the threads are connected and the story makes sense but the road getting there is a long, mind boggling one, which I guess help it be unpredictable but it still felt a little overwhelming at times. Not to mention that almost half of the research and technical talk I didn’t understand and because of that found myself skimming. I’m not a dummy, but I’m not a genius either and I found it very difficult to follow when they started talking about artificial intelligence. I am still very curious how the next book is going to go, though, because of how this one ended. It doesn’t seem like there’s much of a plot left for a third, but knowing Steven James, he will find a way.

This book is set in one my favorite cities and my future home, Las Vegas. It’s also the home to Jevin Banks and his illusion show on the Strip. The book was chock full of fun facts and history about Vegas that were handy, but probably not very necessary to the storyline, not that you’ll find me complaining. Though for those of you who don’t like the city or don’ care about learning about it, this will definitely get in the way for you. I loved it though, because it helped me learn about the city I will soon call home.

Steven James definitely knows how to construct a complex and unique suspense and I love it. I fully intend to keep coming back for more horror, gore, and mystery, because Steven James has hooked me yet again and I can’t wait to see how it all ends. I will eagerly anticipate the next installment of Jevin and his girlfriend Charlene’s story. This author, series, and book come very highly recommend.

Overall, though it can be confusing at times, it’s still a classic Steven James novel and fans of him will flock to this book and fall in love with his writing all over again. Fans of Steven James and fans of edgy suspense will love this book and it’s predecessor. I don’t recommend this book for anyone but adults as some scenes can be horrific and terrifying. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Memory’s Door


Title: Memory’s Door
Series: A Well Spring Novel
Author: James L. Rubart
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published: August 6, 2013
Pages: 368


The four members of Warriors Riding have learned to wage war in the supernatural, to send their spirits into people’s souls, to battle demonic forces, and to bring deep healing to those around them. But their leader Reece struggles with the loss of his sight and his passion photography along with it. Brandon is being stalked at his concerts by a man in the shadows, Dana’s career seems to consume her, and Marcus starts to question his sanity as he seems to be slipping in and out of alternate realities.

Now they have to prepare for war as the Wolf begins to hunt them, fulfilling the second part of the prophecy. His traps are set and he’s waiting to devour anyone who steps into it. His supernatural hate of all they stand feeds his mission and he won’t stop until he destroys not only their bodies but their souls as well. The Warriors Riding need the Armor and blessing of God to defeat their greatest enemy yet.

As the team tries to stay together and close to the Spirit, attacks are launched from all sides to try and separate them from their strength. On their own their powerless, but with Christ no enemy is too big and the team clings to that as their lives are turned upside down and decisions made that can alter their lives forever. The battle has begun and it’ll be the biggest one yet. The team will need their faith like never before if they ever hope to defeat the Wolf.

Will Reece see again or is his vision lost for good? Is Brandon’s stalker dangerous or friendly? Will Dana’s career be her undoing or will she be able to prevail? Will Marcus be stuck between realities forever or will he gain freedom from the confusion? Can the Warriors Riding defeat the Wolf or will they die trying? What decisions will each character make and will they be the right one?

Having loved the first book in this series, I was excited when I got offered the opportunity to read this one as well. My expectations were high, and this book met some of them while others fell flat. I can’t really place my finger on one thing that made this book different, but for some reason it was. This book didn’t resonate the same way that the first did and even though I enjoyed it, something was different and it affected the structure of the story.

The story started kind of slow for about half of the book, there were some confrontations and confusions but overall it was a touch slow for me, particularly since the end felt too rushed and I wasn’t able to truly become engaged with the final battle before it was over. Pacing was an issue here but the story was nice and fairly easy to follow if you’ve read the first book in the series. If you haven’t read the first book I don’t recommend starting with this book, but starting at the beginning.

The message behind this book, though it can get mixed up in some fuzzing theology and ideas, is very solid and freeing. Jesus loves you for who you are and doesn’t want you weighed down by mistakes, regrets, or fear. That is the true reason why these books speak to me so much. I think every one of us needs to hear that every now and again when the lies and fear and regrets start creeping in again. Most other ideas broached in this book, other than The Lord speaking and spiritual warfare, I don’t believe for an instant (mostly soul travel) but part of me thinks it would be cool if some of it did exist.

The characters in this book have started to really develop nicely. Dana had really grown Into her role as the Leader very well and spiritually, I felt that she was the strongest one in this book. Reece was the character that took some steps back this book. He seems to question God at every run because of his lack of sight and the fact that it hasn’t been restored yet, but honestly I can’t l him blame him for questioning particularly since he knows it’s to be restored. That said it was still a bit disappointing to see him stumble like that.

This author captivated me with his first book in this series and though I never really believed soul travel existed it was still fun to say what if and read the message behind the blurred lines. This book was different somehow an I don’t really know how. Maybe the novelty of it wore of or maybe it’s something deeper. I don’t know. All I know is, I’d didn’t enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the first. I recommend this to a select audience.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first but still enjoyed it. This book is perfect for fans of speculative fiction. This book is definitely best left to adults only. I give this book a three out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*



Title: Peril
Series: Bloodlines Trilogy
Author: Jordyn Redwood
Publisher: Kregel
Published: September 1, 2013
Pages: 272


Morgan Adams, a pediatric nurse, feels like she can’t bear to face life anymore. With her infant daughter dead, her kidneys failing, and the horrors of the hospital confronting her everyday, she doesn’t see a point on holding on when everything died with her daughter. She tries to hold on for her husband and tries to hold onto a faith that’s crumbling around her. Her faith isn’t helped when her mother reveals a shocking secret that spins Morgan’s life out of control and shakes her faith to the core.

Dr. Tyler Adams, Morgan’s husband and a consultant for a medical trial, is trying to move on from the death of their daughter, but with his wife sick and unable to rejoin life Tyler can’t seem to let go of their daughter. There is one thin he does know though, he’s not letting Morgan go too. The added stress of trying to keep Morgan alive and fighting on top of his duties as a doctor are starting to put pressure on not only himself but his marriage too, making him wonder if they’ll even make it.

When a rogue soldier from Tyler’s medical trials comes after Morgan, she’s almost grateful, until the people she loves are put in danger. Now Morgan must make a decision, fight for her life or give into the sweet relief death will bring. Tyler must decide whether he’s going to let God hold Morgan or if he’s going to hold too tight an possibly lose her. Their past, present and future are put to the test and they must decide which path they’re going to take.

Jordyn Redwood became a favorite for me with her last novel, but this one definitely made her rise through the ranks and has easily become my favorite medical fiction author ever. Her experience in critical care and emergency nursing and passion for what she does flows onto the pages and gets me excited about my chosen career path. I love finding out what else she’s come up with and can’t wait to see what else she’s going to bring me next.

This is one of the few suspense novels that I’ve read with no discernible romance, but I didn’t miss it because Morgan and Tyler’s shaky relationship is put to the test throughout the book and I loved seeing each character grow and decide what they wanted. Because of that I got to see a marriage healed, which in this case might’ve been better than an actual romance. After all, after the romance comes the marriage and I liked the realistic portrayal of marriage and the image that with God any marriage can succeed.

The topic of this book is one that I love, which is a bit odd because usually I hate medical suspenses. I don’t fully know why I love these more than others, maybe it’s the fact that these suspenses use some obscure or unbelievable medical phenomena to sculpt them, or maybe it’s the fact that there’s always some awesome nursing and medical scenarios that excite my desire, even more, to be a nurse. All I know is that Jordyn Redwood has created an amazing trilogy of suspense novels that are thrilling yet teach medical terms and even some safety along the way. I loved this book!

Having never had a child let alone lost one makes it a bit hard to relate to what Morgan and her husband are going through, however I think the author did an amazing job portraying the sadness and despair that this couple’s going through and made it a lot easier for me to feel their pain. The character development is great and I truly enjoyed watching Morgan make a decision to live and fight or give in and see her daughter again. I also enjoyed watching Morgan realize how much pain losing her would cause her husband. I think this author hit out of the park on this one.

Jordyn Redwood has become a favorite and has easily skyrocketed to the top of a very long list. I loved this book about a nurse and would love to see more of her expertise showcased. She created a believably heart wrenching medical suspense that will stick with me forever. This book paints a unique picture of infant stem cell research and abortion and because of that it made a huge impact with me. I highly recommend this book.

Overall, I loved this book! This book is perfect for lovers of medical suspenses and those who like books about strange occurrences in the medical world. This book is best left to the adults. I give this book a five out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Perfectly Matched


Title: Perfectly Matched
Series: The Blue Willow Brides
Author: Maggie Brendan
Publisher: Revell
Published: October 1, 2013
Pages: 352


Anna Olsen knows it’s time to leave her sister’s ever growing and cramped house and start a life of her own. So, following both of her sister’s examples, she becomes a mail order bride, and after a short correspondence, moves to Denver to become a wife to a man she knows next to nothing about. Anna looks forward to becoming a wife and moving to Denver. Her free spirit and artistic tendencies are in love with her new home, but they may clash with her new husband’s.

Clock maker and jeweler Edward Parker is a very fastidious man who likes things just so. Wanting everything to be perfect, Edward knows there needs to be expectations and schedules so he does the unthinkable, he hands his brand new wife a list of chores on their wedding day. After that, it soon becomes apparent to Edward just how different their personalities are and he wonders how it will ever work between them.

With obvious differences when it comes to house work, ideas, and hobbies, Anna and Edward have to try and look past their differences to make their marriage work, even if it means some changing for the both of them. As the two of them try an figure out how to be married, their attraction and love for one another grows and the more they realize that neither wants to end what they have, despite their differences. If they can work through their problems, they might just have a loving, happy home.

Can Anna learn to do things Edward’s way or will she be stubborn when it comes to his ways? Will Edward learn to relax or will he remain too particular and drive his new wife away wit his unrealistic expectations? Will they be able to accept and love the others differences or will they grow to resent each other because of them? Will rah persons passion bring them closer together or farther apart?

I haven’t read very many of Maggie Brendan’s books but the few that I have read, I’ve enjoyed. This book is no different. I think this is one of my favorites by her and I enjoyed following along with Anna and Edward’s story. Maggie Brendan did an amazing job with this story and the different take on romance. Maggie Brendan created a wonderful book and another fan to add to her roster.

The romance was my favorite part of this book. What I loved was the fact that I got to see the characters fall in love and figure out how to be married all at the same time. It’s not very often that I get to read a book based in the beginning stages of marriage and I loved the realistic outlook on love and marriage. This romance was a realistic view of how I imagine most mail order bride relationships started. I absolutely loved the new perspective on mail order brides.

My favorite character was actually Edward because, even though he wasn’t perfect, once he learned to relax a little, he became my dream husband. Even though he struggled with his OCD like ways and his jealousy, he was supportive of Anna and gave her flowers and romance frequently. His change was the most apparent and amazing. Anna’s character was captivating in a different way, but because my passions didn’t really align with hers, I had a hard time relating to her.

The storyline of this book isn’t very fast-paced but packed with strife nonetheless. I really enjoyed the whole “after the wedding but before they know each other” phase that this book is placed in. Not many books take place during that time that a couple learns to be married and co-habitate with a spouse. The working through phase was definitely the spotlight in this book and I loved the different point of view this gave me about marriage.

Maggie Brendan has created another fan with this book. I think this book is the perfect conclusion to this series all about mail order brides. Her ability to create believable characters and lovable pets and gorgeous scenery is a gift all in its own. Maggie is a natural storyteller and is great at what she does. I look forward for reading more from this author and I highly recommend this book.

Overall, I loved this book and I think this is perfect for people who want a little bit different of a western romance. This book is definitely best left to the adults. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*