A Light In The Window Contest

So as you all might remember, I did a review of a Light In the Window by Julie Lessman about a year ago and now Julie is throwing a contest for the book. Not only is the ebook on sale for $.99 relight now but it’s also being turned into a paperback! In honor of that Julie is throwing a contest with three lucky winners and the links are below for those of you that are interested in trying our hand at winning a character Ned after you in Julie’s newest book!

Also, for those of you that have Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, you can post a blurb on Facebook and Twitter for two points awarded towards the contest, but if you post a blurb to your blog, like I’m doing now, you get ten whole points towards the contest! The link to the contest is here:
And here’s the link to the book video for those that want to see it: