When Love Calls


Title: When Love Calls
Series: The Gregory Sisters
Author: Lorna Seilstad
Publisher: Revell
Published: March 18, 2013
Pages: 352


Hannah Gregory is good at a lot of things, but following rules isn’t on that list. So when she’s left as sole provider for her two sisters, she takes an unlikely job as a switchboard operator. She knows it isn’t going to be easy. The Hello Girls must conduct themselves according to strict, and often bewildering, rules. She thinks the easiest one will be the rules involving gentleman callers, until she meets a man that could change everything.

Lincoln Cole finds himself attracted to the spunky and stubborn older Gregory sister from the moment he meets her, even if it is under bad circumstances. Lincoln must show Hannah that he isn’t the guy that repossessed her family home but a man who cares. He’s given that chance when her family friend is arrested for arson and she has no one else to turn to but him. As he shows her who really is, he must combat her stubborn ways and need to be self-sufficient to get to who she really is.

As their attraction grows, so does Hannah’s desire to not lean on anyone even someone that would make her life easier and Lincoln has to decide if his choice of going into politics is what he wants or what his dad would’ve wanted. They also have to work together to clear Hannah’s friend and find out who is really sending all those fires.

Will Hannah be able to give up her stubborn ways for Lincoln or will her determination to do everything her way be the death of their relationship? Will Lincoln decide to go into politics despite the fact that it’s most likely not his dream or will he decide to stay just a lawyer and focus on building a life with the woman he loves? Will Hannah be able to keep her job as a Hello Girl or will she lose it because of her propensity to disobey the rules?

The one thing I like about this author is her ability to put humor in her books. This is the second one I’ve read by her and just like the last time I smiled at every joke or hilarious quirk in the novel. I loved the humor but also I liked the flow of the novel and the romance in this one was great. I look forward to seeing what else the Gregory sister have for me in the future.

The romance in this one was great. It was slightly different than what I normally read, but it was also very well written. I never felt shocked or surprised by the characters’ revelation in the book and I felt like the romance took main priority over every other secondary storyline, which made this book an awesome romance.

My favorite part of this book is definitely the colorful characters in this book. Being the oldest sister I relate most to Hannah and her protective nature. Charlotte reminds me of a milder version of my sister and Tessa was by far my favorite. She had some amazingly hilarious lines and her quirky nature was just too endearing for words. Because I loved all of the sisters I can’t wait for each one of their romance novels. I particularly can’t wait to see who Tessa ends up with.

The idea for this novel is unique and fascinating. How many books do you know of that involve a switchboard operator? Obviously, I wanted to dig into this one immediately and it didn’t disappoint me. This is definitely a unique and great read that will make you smile and will definitely touch your heart. I loved this read and look forward to what else I will learn and who will make me smile next. This is a book that’s definitely worth reading.

This author gave me a taste of her potential last time but now, I’m officially hooked. I look forward to reading every humor tinged book she throws at me. I think this author is great and she shows it in this book. I loved this novel and I’m sure I’ll love every book in this series. This book comes highly recommended from me as does this author.

Overall, a really good book and a great romance. It’s perfect for lovers of historical romance and people who like their romances with a little uniqueness. This book is probably best for teen and adult readers. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*