Title: Poison
Series: Bloodlines Trilogy
Author: Jordyn Redwood
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Published: January 23, 2013
Pages: 312


Keelyn Blake is still haunted from the tragedy five years ago when her stepfather took her family hostage, raving about Lucent, a being who forced him to commit unspeakable acts. Some of the family made it out alive, the rest didn’t. Now, Lucent is back and this time he’s no hallucination. He kidnapped Keelyn’s niece and despite the fact that she’s estranged from her sister, Raven, she feels compelled to save what little family she has left. If only that was the end of it.

Lee Watson was there the day Keelyn’s life changed forever and even being the best hostage negotiator the FBI has couldn’t stop a madman from taking the lives of his family. For years he’s lived with the guilt of not being able to stop the standoff that day and trying to bury his past as deep as he can. He now must also protect his fiancé and face the possibility of having a ready-made family, something he never wanted. All while trying to keep his past buried when it seems like someone’s determined to dig it back up again.

As people who were involved in that fateful day start dying under mysterious circumstances, Keelyn and Lee fight to stay alive and together, but Keelyn knows lee’s hiding something and that secret could be the very thing that tears them apart. Also, with Raven missing and Keelyn targeted by a killer, Raven’s daughter faces foster hood and Lee faces losing the woman he loves. But in order to keep her he may just have to tell her his deepest secret.

Will Keelyn be able to forgive her stepfather for what he did? Will Lee tell her his secret or will he lose her? Will Lee end up loving Raven’s daughter or will he give up everything to not have a ready-made family? Where is Raven? Who is killing everybody and why? What are they using? Will Keelyn and Lee be able to solve this before the body count rises too high?

Having read Jordyn Redwood’s first novel, the first in this series, and not loving it, I started this book not quite knowing what I would get. I was hoping for a better suspense than I got last time and I got it. This suspense is actually really good. It seems like this author took the constructive criticism to heart and jumped leaps and bounds ahead of what I thought was coming. This book is an amazing second novel and a really good well-rounded suspense novel.

The best part about this book was the fact that it kept me on my toes. I never knew, until the end, who really did it because a character was innocent or manipulated one chapter and the next completely ruthless and a murderer. It was exciting and gave this novel an edge. This author is great at surprising me and her medical expertise shines through in the snippets of hospital scenes we get. This book was significantly better than her first and is actually one that I can say is a favorite.

Because of this author’s struggle to establish a solid romance and mystery in her novel last time, I appreciated the fact that this was already an established relationship and instead of seeing this couple fall in love we get to see them grow stronger from the trouble they go through. That was a nice refreshing change from the normal suspense novel. I think this style suit her right now and I think she will do fantastically next time with a romance.

The concept of this book is amazing, yet completely believable. It seems like given the right circumstances something like this could happen. I also gained some knowledge about a horrible little bug that seems to thrive where I live, the black widow spider. Her use of them was genius and the reasons the characters had were just plain maniacal at some points and misguided in others. The characters that were suspects were realistic and had many facets to their character adding much to this story.

This author caught my attention with her first book and captured my heart with this one. This was a great suspense not just for a beginner but for any suspense author. I look forward to reading more from her and am excited to see how she’s going to end this series. This author’s improvement astounded me and solidified my belief that she is a fantastic author and is going to be here for a long time. This book comes highly recommended.

Overall, this is a fantastic book. The suspense is unique and keeps you on your toes. The improvement this author showed amazes me and makes me a huge fan. I highly recommend this on to people who love suspense novels. This book probably isn’t best for younger readers, but adults definitely and teens maybe. I give this book a four out of five.

* I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*