Navy SEAL Rescuer


Title: Navy SEAL Rescuer
Series: Heroes For Hire
Author: Shirlee McCoy
Publisher: Love Inspired
Published: September 4, 2012
Pages: 224


Catherine Miller just wants to lay low at her isolated farmhouse after spending four years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. If only that was as easy as it sounds. Someone is convinced that she’s guilty even though she’s been proven innocent. They want her to pay the ultimate price, but they underestimate the power of her and her neighbor, who is determined to keep her safe.

Darius Osborne, a former Navy SEAL now a security contractor, is trying to spend his vacation fixing up his new old house and try to forget the pain of his past. All seems to be going well until he finds himself on another off-duty mission that’s more personal as time goes by. He vows to keep her safe, but with her determination to not trust and to do everything herself, Darius worries that he might not be able to protect her enough.

With a cold-blooded killer on their trail, Catherine must learn to trust again even if it means she might get hurt and Darius finds he might have to brave heartache again and risk his lonely life. Darius has a amazing team of security experts, but this killer seems to find them everywhere they go, not to mention get through their security measures. Despite all his caution, Darius might not be able to save Catherine from this determined killer.

Will Catherine be able to trust again despite what happened to her or will she lose something special for her walls? Will Darius risk love again for a happy life or will he lose her because he doesn’t want to get hurt? Will Darius be able to save Catherine from the person who wants her dead or will he lose her to a sick person? Will they figure out who is Catherine’s attacker before he gets to them or after?

I’ve read one other book by Shirlee McCoy and enjoyed it and so I was excited when I got review another book in the same series. Compared to the previous one, this book was much better. I felt a cohesion that wasn’t as noticeable in the other. I also felt a flow in the mixture of the different genres and the novella size that isn’t normally there. I think this is one of the better Love Inspired Suspense that I’ve read.

The romance in this book is fast, not only in page space but also book time. The romance takes place over the course of around a week, give or take a few days. Normally that makes the book seemed rushed and unrealistic, however in this book the attraction was throughout the book and the “I love you”‘s doesn’t come as a surprise or feel like they were said too early. The author did a fantastic job with this romance.

The suspense was actually really good. Mainly because the author did the best thing, she made the stalker a person that wasn’t in the majority of the story, which makes it near impossible to guess. It was nice to be caught reasonably by surprise at who was responsible. The motive was a bit extreme but not unbelievable. The author nailed this suspense with a believable plate, motive, and culprit. Not to mention the culprit surprise.

The storyline is cohesive and proves that a novella sized book shouldn’t mean the story has to be rushed or too simple. This author provided a complex storyline with a nice romance all in two hundred twenty four pages. That isn’t an easy thing to do and I give major credit to this author for somehow pulling this story off and giving her readers an enjoyable and actually nerve wracking story in a small amount of pages. This author should be proud of this one.

This author captured me with Lone Defender and completely sold me to her work with this book. This author truly has a gift and I will be reading more from her. I also would really love to see her get a full-length book deal, if she hasn’t already gotten one, and see what she can do there. If she already has a book published outside Love Inspired, sign me up, I want to read it. This book and author comes highly recommended.

Overall, this book is great as is the perfect example of a good novella. This book is perfect for novella fans, suspense fans, or romance fans. I think this book is best kept to the adults and maybe to highly mature teens. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book from the publisher through the NetGalley program in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*