Title: Rebekah
Series: Wives of the Patriarchs
Author: Jill Eileen Smith
Publisher: Revell
Published: February 15, 2013
Pages: 320


Rebekah’s life has just been torn upside down with her father’s death and now her future lies in the hands of her conniving brother. She should b married by now but her brother is clearly dragging his feet to wait for a bigger bride price and Rebekah is concerned she will spend the rest of her life an unmarried virgin. But when Rebekah figures that she is going is going to be stuck marrying a horrible man, she is given the opportunity to marry a cousin she has never met before. She has no idea the journey she’s about to go on.

Isaac is the promised child of his father, Abraham. Years ago, his father almost sacrificed him at the request of God and God’s voice was the only thing that stopped him. That day changed his life and the life of his parents. Now Isaac is grown and is ready to find a beautiful girl of his father’s people and marry her. When he sees the woman that was chosen for him, he couldn’t be happier. Little does he know the challenges he will face.

After they wed, Rebekah is scared that she won’t bear him a child and Isaac is trusting that God will follow through on his promises. When Rebekah does get pregnant she sees a vision that tells her that she is pregnant with twins and the younger with be stronger than the older and the older will obey the younger. This is where the hard journey begins as Isaac suffers doubt and Rebekah is determined to make the prophecy come true.

Will Rebekah be able to convince Isaac that her vision was real and not her imagination or will Isaac completely reject the idea? Will Isaac and Rebekah’s pride and stubbornness tear them apart or will they be able to put aside their differences and love each other? Who will Rebekah and Isaac pick? Their favorite child or each other?

Every now and again I want to read a book that isn’t predominately romance or even a romance at all. This was one of those times and this author fulfilled that desire. This book follows the lives of Isaac and Rebekah and their twins. It was a drama and a in-depth retelling of one of the most well-known biblical stories. This book is great and it gives some emotional depth to a story only telling the facts. It also helped to make sense of why they did what they did.

This book can’t really be categorized as a romance, yet I think that it fits into the category in a more unconventional way. The beginning of the book is technically a romance because you got to see the love between Isaac and Rebekah’s love grow. But the middle and the end of the book is where the unconventional comes in. For the majority of the book you see Rebekah and Isaac’s pride get in the way of each other yet the ending makes the whole romance complete. The end of this book moved my heart and made me long for a love like that (minus all the years spent in conflict die to pride and stubbornness).

The storyline of this book follows the story of the bible and, like always from this author, is historically and Biblically accurate, minus some modern lingo but that didn’t detract from the book at all. For some reason I loved this book and how it brought the story to life even though that story isn’t a pretty one. I usually only like stories that are generally more light-hearted but this book was different and it was so well written I couldn’t help but love it.

I liked the first book in this series. I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next one. If I had to guess this one would be about Jacob, Rebekah and Isaac’s youngest twin son, and the drama that will ensue when he married two sisters. Whoever this next book is about, I fully intend to read it and any other book I can get my hands on from this author. This book is a gem that comes highly recommended.

I became a fan of this author with Sarai, the first book in this series, but with Rebekah I’m now a full out
lover of this author’s work. I love how well she tells these stories and keeps it accurate as well and I love that this is where her passion is. Her passion for the Bible and the people that make up it come through the pages of this book and all of her others as well. This book, series, and author come highly recommended.

Overall, a great retelling of the story of Rebekah and Isaac. I can’t wait for the next. This book is perfect for Biblical fiction fans as well as drama or historical fiction fans. I think this book is perfect for adult and maybe really mature teenagers. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*