Title: Jake
Series: Wyoming Sky
Author: R. C. Ryan
Publisher: Forever
Published: February 26, 2013
Pages: 448


Meg Stanford inherited her estranged father’s estate and all the emotional baggage that comes with it after his sudden death. She has a plan, sell the land and get back to D. C. and her job as a lawyer as soon as possible, but emotions, memories, and surprises keep her from selling the property as quickly as she thought she would. Not to mention there is a series of break-ins in her new house, but no thefts. The one man she can turn to and trust is the one man that can jeopardize everything that’s familiar.

Jake Conway is a respected veterinarian and most eligible bachelor in his small hometown. He is a man that likes to be wild and free, at least he thinks so until he meets his new neighbor, a beautiful redhead with a major chip on her shoulder. Jake has an immediate attraction to her as well as an urge to protect her, which comes in handy when she needs protecting.

As their attraction grows, so does the danger that has targeted Meg. Meg is determined to get back to the life she thinks she loves but memories both good and bad make her question whether the home she loved as a child is better or her new familiar life. Jake is determined to show Meg that not only can life here be worth a chance, but he’s worth a shot as well, as well as protect her from someone who wants her gone.

Will Meg choose D. C. or childhood home that she loved? Will Jake be able to convince her to stay or will he lose her to her comfortable life? Will Jake be able to protect Meg from a man that keeps to the shadows and never let’s himself be seen or will he fail and lose her? Will Meg’s decision to resist Jake’s charm succeed or will she give in to what he offers?

I’ve been trying to expand my range of what I review, thus I’ve decided to expand into some mainstream novels as well. My access to them is limited but I will try to get some good ones. This is my second mainstream romance and it won’t be the last. I didn’t know what to expect from this author or book but I got a pretty good book and made me hopeful this new territory will produce some gems as well.

The romance in this book is actually pretty nice. There is a line that books in the Christian genre don’t cross but this one did, thankfully though the sex in this book wasn’t too graphic and left quite a bit to the imagination, which I appreciate. Despite that the romance can actually be considered kind of sweet. Jake is Meg’s protector and despite her resolve to not fall for him, she does. I loved certain aspects of this romance.

The suspense in this book wasn’t the focal point, it was just there to add some conflict and wasn’t there for a portion in the middle of the book. The suspense was realistic but kind of extreme. If I was this author I probably would’ve chose a more realistic and probable MO for the intruder. However, the suspense flowed well with the story, though I do wish that it would’ve been mixed more throughout. In general, though, this is a decent suspense considering how hard it would be to mix two genres that require a lot of attention each.

This story was pretty good and makes me not as intimidated as I was to read certain mainstream books. I know I still need to exercise discretion with which ones I pick but I feel like I can truly find some magnificent reads by just going out of my comfort zone. Though this wasn’t quite a gem it wasn’t terrible and it was an enjoyable read. For me something was missing out of this romance, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. It might be great for you though.

This author has written over 90 books and her experience shines through her books. You can tell that she knows what people want and knows how to fulfill that want with a good story. This book wasn’t my favorite, but I do think that this author’s ability makes up for a story that I didn’t love. I do intend to read more from her and hopefully more like her.

Overall, this book was a good enjoyable read. For me there was something off about the book but you might have better luck and enjoy it more. This book is perfect for lovers of mainstream romance novels. I think this book is perfect for adults but not really anyone else. I give this book a three out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*