Waiting For Spring


Title: Waiting For Spring
Series: Westward Winds
Author: Amanda Cabot
Publisher: Revell
Published: January 1, 2013
Pages: 400


Charlotte has had a long hard year after losing her husband and giving birth to her son. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she flees to Cheyenne and is now trying to put the pieces of her life back together. If only she can shake the feeling that her past is coming back to haunt her. As Charlotte tries to forget her past and raise her son, she doesn’t have time for romance or for the man of her nightmares to make an appearance.

Barrett Landry is a wealthy cattle baron and political hopeful and must have a sensible match if he wants to be the elected senator of the soon-to-be state of Wyoming. He needs someone with connections and he finds that someone. There’s just one problem, he doesn’t love her and the one person he could see himself spending the rest of his life with not only doesn’t have connection she has a past too. But he can’t shake the feeling that she holds the key to his heart and his future.

As Charlotte and Barrett get closer, so does Charlotte’s past and Charlotte can’t help but be scared that her whole future will come crashing down around over her husband’s choices. With an engagement expected of him, Barrett must make a choice. Marry someone he doesn’t love for connections or marry someone he loves without connections. With past and present closing in on them, this couple must make a decision on what is truly important.

Will Charlotte be able to conquer the ghosts of her past or will it tear her apart? Will Barrett make a decision of love or status? Will Charlotte’s past come after her for something she doesn’t have or is she just wing paranoid? Who is the mysterious baron coming for her? Will the baron kill her and her son or will she be able to survive?

I read the first book in the series and liked it, but I didn’t love it and though this book might not go into the “love” category, it’s closer to it than the first. I never usually say this, but I actually enjoyed this one a tad more than I liked the previous one. Maybe it was the storyline or characters, I don’t know. All I know is that this author definitely wrote tis book well and I truly enjoyed it.

The romance in this book wasn’t passionate and any kisses or such was held until the end. Normally that turns me off to books, but in this case the emotional connection between the characters kept up the romance and because of it you didn’t fully miss the kisses, etc. There was also a side romance that went on and it served two purposes. It allowed a huge conflict to be resolved and it allowed the reader to get another romance fix. This romance is what I would categorize as cute.

The storyline was awesome! A widow mother with a blind son who ran from a man who wants what her husband found and now she supposedly has meets a rich cattle baron that wants to become a senator and is willing to marry a woman he doesn’t love to do that. How awesome is that? The whole story blended well together and I never felt that one aspect was getting kicked to the curb for another one. The author made everything come in when it was supposed to and pushed things aside when it wasn’t appropriate. She definitely has an uncanny sense of timing. I loved it.

I loved the dash of suspense that was injected into the story as well. It improved the story and gave a bit of excitement and conflict. The suspense wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t really give any mystery, but it did give you some doubt as to how the book would end. Though the book didn’t end on a terribly unique way, it did end in an unexpected way and I found that I loved it.

With slight disappointment in the first book in this series, I didn’t really expect much from this book. I pleasantly surprised when I got a better storyline and romance. If this is how the rest of the series is going to continue I can’t wait to finish this series and read more from this author. I really enjoyed this book and I’m actually really excited to finish this series and read more from this author. This book comes highly recommended.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It all blended well together and is an overall good read. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves historical romances. I think this book is best for adults and teens and isn’t great for anyone younger. I give this book a four out of five.

* I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.*


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  1. Danyelle — I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. I’m especially pleased that you’re looking forward to the next book. Thanks for taking the time to read and review my story.


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