The Breathe Of Dawn


Title: The Breathe Of Dawn
Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Publisher: Bethany House
Published: November 1, 2012
Pages: 448


Quinn Reilly did the right thing four years ago and put a man away in jail. Now after years of running and staying as anonymous as possible, the man her testimony put away is getting out of jail and is coming for her to exact revenge for what she did to him. Despite all her efforts, he knows where she is and she’s not the only one involved any more. She now has to worry about the kind family that reached out to her and the handsome widower and his child as well as herself. She doesn’t know how far he’s willing to go to exact revenge, but she isn’t willing to find out.

Morgan Spencer, corporate turnaround specialist and success guru, is still recovering from the death of his wife and the only thing keeping him going is his daughter, Livie. When Morgan meets the beautiful and aloof Quinn Reilly he’s intrigued and can’t stop thinking about her. But his counterproposal to her illegal request has both of their thrown upside-down and neither is sure if they made the right choice in their decisions.

The closer this couple gets and the farther they get away from the revenge stricken man straight from prison, the danger seems to shrink but neither realize just how far he will go to get back what he feels belongs to him. This couple has to run from a determined madman as well as heal from wounds long ignored, but it seems that their luck is running out and it’s now time to fight against a criminal with nothing to lose.

Will Quinn be able to win against a madman bent on revenge or will his revenge do more damage than she thought? Will Morgan be able to protect Quinn or will this man getting her despite his efforts? When Morgan realizes the full grip of this guys power will he abandon Quinn or put his life on the life to save her? Will this couple be able to survive one man’s determination or will it destroy everything?

At first glance, this book, at 448 pages, is intimidating. The sheer volume of this book definitely made me reluctant to start it because of how huge it was. However, being from an author that I’ve enjoyed in the past I dove right in and I’m glad I did. Though not as good as some of her previous works, this book is better than your average romantic suspense and I really liked this new installment from one of my favorite authors. I also liked the direction that this book took. Don’t let this book’s size keep you from enjoying a great suspense.

Being a romantic suspense there will naturally be romance and I enjoyed this romance because of the cuteness of it and I enjoyed the fact that they worked through all that happened together. However, I would’ve loved to have had more romance and more of those emotional connections between the main characters. They were there I would’ve just enjoyed to have them more prominently there. But, my theory is that if you have suspense and a romance in one book one of them is going to suffer and I would rather it be the romance than the suspense.

The suspense in this book is classic Kristen Heitzmann. It’s nail-biting, gritty, and the determination of the stalker is just purely chilling. Though it kind of feels a tad bit unrealistic or at least a bit extreme, I enjoyed how the author formed the suspense and made it into something that you had no idea how it was going to end. This suspense really drags you into the story and makes you not want to put down this book until the very end. I guarantee that if you do start this book, you will finish it and will try to finish it in one night.

The characters in this book felt real to me, at least most of them did, I felt that I knew the by the time that this book ended and I wanted to travel down to their ranch and have a cup of hot chocolate with them. They also made me like them because they did almost anything to help and protect their families and supported their family through everything. Some of the characters, obviously, conjured up less than friendly feelings and some just seemed a tad unrealistic in their extreme beliefs and dislike of the main character. Also, there were times that the main character felt flighty, but mainly I felt that she was a tough lady put into a scary position. This book’s was definitely improved by the colorful characters.

Having been a fan of this author for years I have learned to expect huge books with a complicated plot and realistic characters and suspense. This book definitely kept up with that, though it wasn’t the best that I’ve read from her, it was still a book worth reading and it hasn’t ruined my love of her books. I fully intend to read more from her and I highly recommend this author to any reader who is a new or old fan of suspense. This is definitely an author that should be on anyone’s book shelf.

Overall, this is a good book, though not the best this author has put out and its huge size can be a bit intimidating. This book is perfect for those who love romantic suspense or for those who like a suspense with a little romance. I don’t recommend this for younger readers but for older teens and adults it’s perfect. I give this book a three and a half out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through The Christian Manifesto in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*