A Texan’s Honor


Title: A Texan’s Honor
Series: The Heart of a Hero
Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Published: March 1, 2012
Pages: 336


Jamie Ellis boarded a train to go live with her aunt and pursue a relationship with a man she’s only written to. That is until that innocent train trip turns her life upside down for good. What was a simple train ride turned into a hostage situation. Now, Jamie is not only scared for her future but scared as to what will happen to her in the end. She wonders if the Walton Gang will kill her or worse, until a man part of the gang, takes it upon himself to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Will McMillan used to fight behind his captain, Clay Proffitt. Now, however, he’s a U.S. Marshall undercover trying to takedown the Walton Gang. He feels his honor is pretty much dead because of how deep he’s gone to gain the trust of the gang leader, until the gang’s newest hostage gets under his skin. When, the situation crumbles, Will feels like Jamie’s life is in jeopardy and he feels compelled to do something about it, even if it means that he loses everything he’s ever worked for.

After their escape, Will and Jamie are in a run for their lives, because the Walton Gang leader doesn’t like loose ends. Will is determined to get Jamie where she needs to go, even if it means losing her and Jamie is determined to fear Will even though there is something that draws her to him. Neither Jamie or Will want to fall in love. One feels beyond redemption, the other just wants to go home to her aunts’ house. But it seems that love is going to find them anyway.

Will Jamie and Will fall in love despite the circumstances or will they go their separate ways without feeling a thing? Will they’re love stand the roadblocks set in front of them or will their love be trodden over by circumstance and life? Will Will have to give Jamie up to another man or will he finally see he’s worth of love? Will Jamie let herself trust her capture or will she continue her distrust?

Having read the firs book in this series, I was expecting a mediocre romance story, but what I got wasn’t that at all. The author pleasantly surprised me with this story. This book seemed more put together than her firs and the story was amazing and completely romantic. I mean, what girl hasn’t at some point dreamed of a story similar to this book? I know I have.

The romance in this book is sweet. It’s classic Christian romance done right. It’s not very passionate, in fact it’s typical for this genre, but there was something about this romance that grabbed my heart. Maybe it was the situation that drew them together. This romance is really the stuff of dreams. I’ve always found the idea of being swept off your feet by a criminal or rogue terribly romantic. It’s probably not as romantic in the real world though.

The storyline is also solid. I loved how the story progressed and I was happy that there was no lagging in the middle or boring spots at all. The story had either tender moments or suspenseful parts. There wasn’t a lot of suspense but what was there was perfectly timed and realistic. The author definitely improved in the storyline since her previous book. I feel like the author listened to her readers and took this book a little more seriously than she took the last one.

The first book involving Clay Proffitt was okay, the second with Will McMillan was great, and I can only hope that the next involving Scout Proffitt is even better. I wasn’t expecting much with this series, but this author proved to me that not everything is what you expect or assume. This series also makes me dream of a hero of my own. This book in this series has reawakened my dreams of criminals and rogues sweeping innocents off their feet.

This author has proven herself to me as a great storyteller and I fully intend to read more by her. If she can write as well, if not better, than tis one book, then I’m a fan and always will. I loved this book and I loved how the author wrote it. Execution was exceptional and I was pleasantly surprised with what I got out of this book. I highly recommend it.

Overall, a fantastic book and it’s perfect for romance fans. I highly recommend this book for western romances and just plain old romance fans. I think this book can be safely read by adults, teens, and mature younger readers, within reason. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher through the netgalley program in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*


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