Christmas Roses


Title: Christmas Roses
Author: Amanda Cabot
Publisher: Revell
Published: September 1, 2012
Pages: 176


Celia Anderson lost her husband to a mining accident and has spent her life since then running a barely making it boardinghouse. The last thing on her Christmas list is a husband, not that there aren’t men interested. But Celia can’t help but feel that those men only want her for her cooking and mothering skills, not because they love her. She refuses to marry for anything else than love and her biggest dream is to have a man give roses for Christmas, despite how impossible it seems.

Mark Williams is on a mission to find his father after he abandoned him and his mother when he was just a baby. His last hope is a small town in Wyoming Territory. When he finds himself the boarder of a beautiful widow, he can’t help but be reluctant to stay after his search leads to another dead end. The more he gets to know her the more he starts to believe in love again and starts to imagine his future with the loving widow.

As their attraction grows, Celia can’t help but keep thinking about Mark’s nearing departure and the proposals of the men around town. The problem is, Celia doesn’t want them, she wants the one man who has given her the romance she’s always wanted, but he’s leaving soon. Mark can’t stop thinking about Celia and her adorable little daughter and he finds himself wanting to stay forever, if Celia’ll let him.

Will Mark find his father or will his search end with nothing? Will Celia get her Christmas roses or will she have to settle for a man who can’t give her her biggest wish? Will Mark decide to stay with Celia or will he leave to go back to where he came from? Will Celia get the husband that isn’t on her list or will she spend her Christmas like all of them after her husband’s death, alone?

I usually have mixed feelings about novellas because they have a great story but usually not enough content to be completely enjoyable. This book was a contradiction in a certain sense. It had a great story and was really enjoyable. The content was short and sweet and lacked a true conflict, but it was put together in such a way that made the book incredible and truly enjoyable. I didn’t expect that.

Because there was no real serious conflict like there would be in a novel, the story was easy to follow and never felt rushed. It focused on the romance and it was an adorable one that is definitely part of every girl’s dreams. The story wasn’t complicated and I felt that this worked for the story because the author didn’t have a lot of space to form and resolve a big conflict. I appreciated the author’s discretion in forming this story.

The romance in this story was cute. It wasn’t passionate but it was one that makes a girl want a guy who does things for her like Mark did with Celia. If you’re looking for a romance with a lot of passionate scenes, you’ll be disappointed but if you like sweet innocent romances then this book is definitely for you. Personally, I lean towards the former but in this case I particularly loved the romance in this book. I never expected to like this as much as I did.

Novellas usually leave me empty because of their rushed storyline and because sometimes the novellas that are supposed to be a romance focus more on the complicated storyline than the romance. This book completely changed my opinion that novellas have to be lackluster. I absolutely loved this novella and it definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. I really recommend this one.

I’ve read a book by this author before and loved what she did with a full-length novel and when I saw this book I was curious what she could do with a half-length book. What I got wasn’t at all what I expected. I loved this story it was innocent, sweet, and absolutely adorable. It’s a romance that makes you smile and your dreams come alive. This author did a wonderful job and fans or new fans shouldn’t be disappointed with what she brings you.

Overall, I loved this short book and I think it’s a great example of a fantastic novella. I highly recommend this for people who like novellas or sweet romances. This book is perfect for adults, teens, and even some mature younger readers. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*


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