The Guardian Duke


Title: The Guardian Duke
Author: Jamie Carie
Series: Forgotten Castles
Publisher: B & H Books
Published: February 1, 2012
Pages: 320


Lady Alexandria Featherstone’s parents have been missing for a year now and the king has officially declared them dead. However, Alex doesn’t believe they’re dead. With a feeling that she would know if they were dead and a guardian coming to get her, she makes the decision to strike it out on her own and try and follow her parents’ trail.

Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton, has a problem, unexplained sudden deafness. He also has to be a guardian to an independent young woman who is determined to find her parents. After exchanging letters with Alexandria, he soon realizes that he’s falling in love with a woman that he’s never even seen, let alone met. Just as soon as he makes this realization, he has to chase her across England and Ireland as she tries and unravel the mystery of her parents’ location.

As the chase continues, Gabriel gets more determined to find and Alex becomes more determined to run from him. With the difficulty of finding someone who seems to be one step ahead of him, Gabriel’s search is more difficult by the day. But he’s not giving up, in fact, the more she runs the more he wants to find her and the more he falls in love with her.

Will Gabriel find Alex before something happens to her or will she give him the slip before he can find her? Will Alex finally stop running long enough to realize that Gabriel just wants to help or will she keep running from him? Will Alex’s parents be alive when she finds them, if so will they be in danger, or will they be dead? Will Gabriel’s hearing come back or will he live the rest of his life living in silence?

After reading a book that ended in a cliffhanger and an unfinished ending, the last thing I wanted was another book like it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. This book ended with an unfinished ending that left me unsatisfied and hooked me at the same time. Jamie Carie created a frustratingly great book that made me want to read more of the adventures of Gabriel, Alex, and Alex’s parents.

The descriptions in the book are what you can expect from this author. She describes the landscapes and events, making you feel like your there along with the character. She also describes the affliction of Gabriel that makes you happy when he is and your heart breaks when his does. The descriptions definitely make the book and draws you in and doesn’t release you until the last page.

The romance, however, is lackluster. Actually, it’s practically nonexistent. Gabriel falls in love with Alex through a series of letters without ever meeting or seeing her, which is kind of romantic, just not very realistic. Alex has feelings for him as well, she’s just not really willing to admit it. Though the romance wasn’t really there, the feeling that there will be later on is another reason that I have to continue reading this series.

The thing that is kind of a bummer for this book is the lack of instinct in Alex. I find it hard to believe that her parents, on a secretive mission, would leave such a large trial for anyone to follow. Also, Alex tends to tell everyone who she’s looking for and why. I’m no detective, but even I know that discretion is a necessity in something like this. I’m hoping that as the books continue Alex will gain some sense about this, but have a feeling she won’t which is a huge downer for the series as a whole.

Jamie Carie charmed me with Pirate Of My Heart and placed herself on my favorite’s list. This book didn’t help her positioning on that list but it hurt it too much either. She is still a great author and I can’t wait to read more from her. The only thing I’m asking myself right now is why I waited this long to read this boook.

Overall, a good book with fantastic description, but if your looking for a book with a definite ending and romance, this book isn’t for you. I recommend this book for someone who wants an ongoing series and wants a unique romance. I give this book a three out of five.

*I received tis complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*


3 thoughts on “The Guardian Duke

  1. Hey, Danyelle,

    First of all, I love Jamie Carie, too, and was SO shocked at the cliffhanger that I literally started frantically turning the last few pages after it ended because I couldn’t believe Jamie did that to us!! But hook me, she did, and I am dying to get my hands on the next one!!

    Secondly, I am putting together a blog tour for my upcoming Christmas e-book called A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story, which is Marcy and Patrick O’Connor’s prequel. If you would like to participate, I would love to have you, so let me know through my website, okay?



    1. Hi Julie,

      I know how you feel. I read it on my kindle and kept trying to click forward hoping that another chapter or two would appear. I can’t wait to read the next either. I’d also be glad to be part of your blog tour. I can’t resist a good book. 🙂



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