The Baron’s Governess Bride


Title: The Baron’s Governess Bride
Author: Deborah Hale
Publisher: Love Inspired – Harlequin
Published: June 5, 2012
Pages: 288


Grace Ellerby is looking for a family needing a governess, but with a past full of unwanted attentions from previous employers she decides to cover up her golden locks and her beautiful features. Now, in a dowdy cap, unstylish clothes, and glasses, she feels reasonably confident that no man will find her attractive enough to try anything and she goes on the hunt for a family she can stay with for a while.

Rupert Steadwell’s three motherless daughters were heartbroken when their last governess ran off to get married. Now, Lord Steadwell is determined to find a governess that is the dowdiest and most uninterested in marriage that he find. Grace Ellerby seems like the ideal replacement for him and his family.

When their attraction for each other keeps growing, they both try to ignore them, Grace by avoidance and denial, Rupert by deciding to marry a woman he doesn’t love. Now Grace feels the need to stop him from making a terrible mistake she feels both him and the kids will regret in no time at all. After several attempts don’t work, she wonders just what measures she’ll have to go to to keep him from ruining all their lives.

Will Grace be able to stop him in time or will she have to stand by and watch as their lives fall apart? Will she be able to keep her secret or will she be forced to reveal who she really is for the sake of the family? Will Rupert realize his error before or after the wedding? Will their love for each other grow or diminish if he finds out who she is?

One of the challenges that the authors to these books face is cramming a lot of content into about two-thirds the space of a normal book. However, this author didn’t seem to have much problem with this dilemma. Her book was actually one of the best Love Inspired book I’ve read ever. She managed to create a book that was almost if not novel quality. It was a very nice surprise for me.

The romance in the book was perfect for the timeframe and was a typical Christian romance. The way this romance was formed wasn’t completely unique but the execution of it is. Also, the author used the children as the one that drew them together unintentionally. Again, not terribly original, but the execution of it was. It made me really enjoy this book.

The characters in this book were realistic and improved the story and romance. Their reactions to situations were something you could see happen and wasn’t too dramatic or too relaxed. Some of the character’s fears are a little too much, though. Grace is scared that Rupert will marry a monster just because her father did and it seems a little over the top for an ordinary situation, but it worked out well for the story.

The part with any real Harlequin book is that you never know if the book you’re going to pick up is going to make you feel rushed through the story or if it will be a good novella. This book is amazing for a quick weekend read and will definitely keep you interested until the last page. Tills I said at the beginning of this review, this is one of the best Love Inspired books I’ve ever read.

This author did the almost impossible, created a novella that felt like it was a full sized novel. I actually want to see what this author can do with a full length novel. I definitely look forward to reading more from this author, novel or novella. This is an author to watch for.

Overall, a great quick read that’ll keep you interested until the last page. I recommend this for romance lovers or Love Inspired Historical lovers. I give this book a four out of five.

*I receive this complimentary galley of this book from Harlequin through Net Galley in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*