Love Finds You In Mackinac Island, Michigan


Title: Love Finds You In Mackinac Island, Michigan
Author: Melanie Dobson
Series: Love Finds You
Publisher: Summerside
Published: July 1, 2012
Pages: 320


Elena Bissette’s family used to be wealthy, now they’re struggling to hold onto their livelihood and their home in Chicago. They also own a cottage on Mackinac Island in Michigan and are going to spend one last summer there before the place is officially up for sale. According to her mother, it’s their last chance to find Elena a wealthy suitor for her to marry. Even though, Elena is repulsed at the thought of marrying for money, her mother insists that Chester Darrington is perfect for her.

When Elena goes to secret hiding spot late one night she meets a handsome laborer named Chase. Chase is everything she wants in a husband. He’s kind, smart, and interested in the things she is. She and Chase begin to meet at her favorite spot, an old abandoned lighthouse, and she can’t help but begin to wonder what a life with him would consist of.

With her mother constantly trying to marry her off to the first wealthy man that comes knocking and society always finding something to gossip about, Elena feels like an actress in her own home and the lighthouse is the only place she can be herself and get closer to God. She now feels like she can be herself around Chase and can’t help but to start to fall in love with him, but he’s not rich, at least she doesn’t think so. Marriage to Chase wouldn’t help her family’s financial woes, but marriage to Chester would. She now must choose between her duty to help her family and her want to marry someone who loves her.

Will Elena choose love over obligation or will she cave under her mother’s will? If she does marry Chester will he view her like Chase views her or will she just be arm candy? If she marries Chase how will her family dig out from the debt that was procured?

Elena’s story is something that I believe everybody can relate to at some point in their lives. No matter how much or why you feel trapped, the author’s portrayal of Elena’s story and her feelings resonate to the core. The fact that author makes the character relatable because of how well she portrays the struggle that Elena feels shows just how well this author can capture emotions and paste them on paper. Whether or not you’ve experienced the feeling of being trapped yet, this author has a gift for making you feel what the characters feel, all with a few words.

Another thing this author is great at is description. She took a tiny village that I had never heard and made me want to travel to a place I had no desire to go to before, Michigan, just so I can explore this island that’s lost in time. She vividly describes the island in such detail that I feel like I could describe it to you like I’ve been there myself. Also, the passion that Elena has for the little island adds to the intensity of how beautiful this island really is and adds to my desire of visiting this gorgeous island. This has got to be one of my favorite parts of this book.

One of the things that wasn’t one of my favorites about the book, was the romance. I did enjoy it, though. It’s a typical Christian genre romance, so it’s an innocent romance where the romance really doesn’t include a lot of intimate gestures like kissing, hugging, etc. These aren’t my favorite, however, I do believe that if done correctly can be some of my favorites, this is one of them. The way the author wrote the romance wasn’t particularly different than a lot of authors, but the thing that made this romance special was the way it was portrayed and blended into the story, making this a memorable one.

The faith aspect in this book was something that tends to be sorely overlooked and often barely mentioned in other books, this one isn’t filled a lot with mentions of faith, but definitely mentioned a lot more than a lot of other books I’ve read. It was an aspect that I missed more than I realized. It was refreshing to have a Christian author actually write about God, something that’s becoming harder and harder to find.

My opinions of this book when I first started it probably weren’t too high. I wasn’t expecting a terrible book, but neither was I expecting a book of the caliber that I got. Because I was slightly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, I’m now a fan of Melanie Dobson and look forward to trying to get my hands on any new books by her.

Overall, a great short read that will stay in your mind for a while. Perfect for fans of the Love Finds You series and those who love a good historical fiction. I give this book a four out of five.

*I received this book, through The Christian Manifesto, from the publisher in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.*