Heart’s Safe Passage


Title: Heart’s Safe Passage
Author: Laurie Alice Eakes
Publisher: Revell
Series: The Midwives
Pages: 384
Released: February 1, 2012


It’s 1813 and all Phoebe Lee wants to do with her life is practice midwifery in London County, Virginia. When she refuses to go along with her pregnant sister-in-law’s plot to save her husband from prison, she suddenly finds herself aboard a brig against her will. She’s now determined to get back home to Virginia so she can follow her dreams. If only the intriguing captain would allow it.

Captain Rafe Docherty has promised to get Phoebe’s brother-in-law from prison in exchange for information that could bring an end to a nine year chase. Revenge is all he cares about and he doesn’t care how he gets it or who he has to go through to get it. When he starts to see his attraction for Phoebe, she tries to escape and someone tries to kill him.

Will their attraction turn into more? Will Rafe finally forgive the man who destroyed his family? Will Phoebe be able to be with a man who feels that God abandoned him?

Having read the first book in this series, I was ecstatic about getting to read this one. This book lived up to my expectations and more. It was reminiscent of the work of MaryLu Tyndall, one of my favorites, and took me back in time to when wooden ships were the way to travel and voyages took months to end. Though not as descriptive in ship terms as MaryLu Tyndall, I found that this book was still very descriptive and told enough about ships ,and the things that that entails, to paint a vivid picture in readers’ heads and let them learn a little too. Leaving the reader satisfied about and partially knowledgeable in ships of the 19th century.

The thing that I love about this author is her ability to make a forbidden love work out and making it have twists and turns throughout the course of the novel. The twists and turns of this novel made me never quite know what was going to happen next. I was constantly wondering when some new news or story was going to come to light and throw a monkey wrench into the whole story. This author put a lot of effort and detail into this novel. The painstaking detail is evident and makes this book a real delight to read.

Also, the romance was great. It was similar to the first in various ways both fell in love with foreigners, both couldn’t marry them for some reason, and both were midwives. However, the part that made the books most similar was the romance. This author has the ability to make an innocent romance with a lot of attraction sizzling between the main characters, making a romance that is perfect for a Christian novel and one that would make any romantic buff satisfied with the results.

Believe it or not, amidst the constant twists and romance, the author found a way to squish a little suspense into the book as well. It’s not a lot and not at all hard to figure out, but it adds a little intrigue to the book and makes the reader’s nerves frayed wondering if and when this potential killer will strike. It adds a whole new turn in a twisty book and it’s something that this author loves to do.

About 98% of this book is set on the sea, which I think is a hard thing for authors because it limits their ideas on how to keep readers interested, but like great authors before this one, this author effortlessly keeps her reader’s entertained by so many plot twists; I was actually surprised at how many this author could come with with her limited window of things that could go wrong on a brig.

This author slingshotted up to the top list of favorite authors with the first in this series. This book solidified her position on that list, making it apparent to me that this author isn’t going anywhere, in fact, if anything else she’s only going to start moving up the list.

Overall, fantastic book, perfect for a romance reader or for fans of MaryLu Tyndall. I give this book a four and a half out of five.

I received this complimentary copy of this book for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are my own.