Spitzer Hafen


Title: Spitzer Hafen
Author: Randall Franklin
Publisher: Mikvelk Publishing
Pages: 488
Series: Blue Dog Series
Released: August 8, 2011


One of the world’s most dangerous enemies is trying to destroy America. His plan, to destroy America’s values and watch the country self-destruct. To do that he has to back a man who has created a whole new religion that tells people exactly what they want to hear.

Unfortunately for them, there are two missionaries broadcasting a radio show from a tiny island called Spitzer Hafen. An island heavily guarded and impenetrable. Bit their going to try and assassinate them anyway. Little do they know that they have a friend with them. A man so stealthy and deadly that the KGB refused to believe that he existed. He’s also the last of the Vectors.


My first impression of this book is, busy. There are so many characters, that there needs to be a whole page before the book even begins detailing who everyone is. Fortunately, after some get killed as some just disappear out of the story all together, the character list becomes a manageable dozen or so characters.

As for character development, not great. The characters really don’t have much dimension. Back story is used on several occasions but it never really shows an emotional side to anything except with Rachel and even then it’s weak.

I’m also a compulsive proofreader when I read. I unintentionally look for blatant errors when I read, and most of the time I don’t find anything and when I do it’s usually an honest mistake. This book was chock full of them, however. Whole words were missing, letters were missing from words. It was a disaster. It made reading this book a struggle just to figure what the author was trying to say.

This author is also not very good at showing. He would rather tell you instead of let you come to the conclusion yourself. It takes away from the experience of reading a book. Odds are you don’t have to guess what’s going happen next because the author will tell you.

The idea of this story is actually a unique and awesome one. However, this story just wasn’t executed properly. It was a little jumbled, kind of like this review I guess. The story works in a funky, hard to follow way.

There’s some action but it’s few and far between. The majority of the second half of the book is a watered down and weak romance. It’s not really a romance just a meeting, a date or two, and a marriage. Not really a fulfilling romance.

Overall, I started this book with high hopes and they basically got dashed against the rocks. I don’t really know who this book is best for, but if curiosity overcomes you and you decide to read this book, I’d be interested of your opinion. I give it one and a half out of five.

I received this book free from the publisher and bookcrash for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.