The Baby’s Bodyguard


Title: The Baby’s Bodyguard
Author: Stephanie Newton
Publisher: Harlequin/ Love Inspired
Pages: 224
Released: August 2, 2011


When an anonymous text message leads Ethan Clark to find what is presumed to be an abandoned boat, he finds an unlikely passenger; an infant girl. He has no idea how she got there or where she came from.
When Ethan hands over Janie Doe to Kelsey Rogers, a child services worker, he thinks his job is over. That is until they find out that Janie is a kidnap victim and may lead them to many other children who have been stolen from their rightful parents. Leaving Kelsey and Ethan to find out why everything is happening and how to stop it.
The thing with Love Inspired books is that they’re short, always under 250 pages, which leaves the author with very little time to get the story going and going nicely. Stephanie Newton got one of those down. She got the story going quickly but not necessarily nicely. You started feeling like this was going to be a reasonably good book then your opinions change as the book quickly goes downhill and crashes around your ankles.
I think if this book had had another 100 or 150 pages it would have turned out so much better than it did. The author seemed crunched on space and priorities in this story. I would have loved to see what this author could’ve done with a lot more pages. I can’t tell her ability in other books because, sadly, I’ve not read any of her books except this one.
Another thing I found lacking in this book was the supposed romance between Ethan and Kelsey. I say supposed because the romance is just shy of nonexistent and just plain disappointing.
One thing I can’t deny, though, is that within the small window of space that Stephanie Newton had, she made some believable character development, though I still don’t know what fully happened to Kelsey’s village. Maybe it’s because I missed something, but I think that it was just never fully explained and that leaves a giant gaping hole in what would normally be well thought out characters.
The storyline is a tad unbelievable. Janie is the key to it all. A baby, with a heart condition that they know next to nothing about, is the key to stopping all the children and mothers from being separated. Also, it was way too easy. I can’t give anything away, but if you decide to read this book I think you’ll agree and know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it was just too easy. The ease is what is the real disappointment in this story.
Disappointing is all I can really say about this book. I picked it because of the cover. You see a guy partially shielding an infant from some unknown enemy and giving a good glare in the process, but instead of a book that is equal to the cover I got a book who’s cover smoked the book and no one enjoys finding out the book with the killer cover has a dud story attached.
I can’t really really recommend this to anyone but a beginner in either romance or suspense because seasoned readers will be disappointed by this book that isn’t really either. I give it two out of five.

I received this book free from Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for this review