The Nanny’s Homecoming


Title: The Nanny’s Homecoming
Author: Linda Goodnight
Series: A Cowboy For Every Mood
Book Number: 1
Pages: 224
Publisher: Love Inspired
Release Date: June 21, 2011
When her fiancé calls of their wedding Brooke Clayton comes to her hometown to bury her grandfather only to find out that her and her siblings will have to endure a year in the town of Clayton, Colorado in order to inherit a quarter of a million dollars. But staying in Clayton isn’t as easy as it seems. Brooke has ghosts that she would prefer to leave buried.
When she meets her new neighbor Gabe Wesson and his adorable son, A. J., healing seems around the corner for Brooke, until, that is, someone makes it very clear that they want her gone.
Gabe can’t help falling for Brooke or her way with his son, but when he offers her a job as A. J.’s nanny she refuses leaving him confused. As he keeps trying to get her to the nanny and, he starts to fall for her. But will the age difference be their undoing?
I’ll be honest, I picked this book because it was at the top of my stack, but after a total of three minutes in this book I was pulled in. I don’t know what it was maybe great writing, maybe it was the hope that book would be great. All I know is that from cover to cover I loved this book.
Though the main character is Brooke, the story begins with Gabe which is a refreshing change from normality.
Another change that I wasn’t too sure was going to be refreshing is the age difference between Gabe, 33, and Brooke, 23. I was nervous but I shouldn’t have been; Linda Goodnight made the age difference a non-issue and left you rooting for their romance to pan out.
In true Love Inspired fashion, the book mostly focuses on the romance of Gabe and Brooke, but does take some twists and turns in the process; like the scare tactics of an unknown man. The segments weren’t too frightening or suspenseful, but they did leave you with a feeling of dread that something terrible was going to happen.
As the story progressed, terrible things did happen, but mostly you got to see the characters of all ages blossom and heal even when they didn’t realize it. Also the characters grew in their faith (always an added bonus) and realized that sometimes God’s plans aren’t always yours.
Very rarely do I read two great books in a row, but this time I did. I can only hope that the next one is just as good, but if not, then I can always come back and enjoy Ms. Goodnight’s book again. I definitely give this book a four out of five.

Thanks to NetGalley and Love Inspired for this book to review.