To Win Her Heart

After being jilted by her fiancé who took her father’s money and left, Eden Spencer has sworn off men and resolved herself to the life of the spinster librarian.
Levi Grant wants to start over after he’s released from a two year prison sentence for an unintentional murder. So he makes his way to Spencer, Texas to become the town’s blacksmith.
When Levi starts coming to the library, Eden thinks he’s just acting like he can read to impress her, but what she doesn’t know is that he has a lisp. When love starts to bloom will Levi’s past find him and will Eden forgive him for it?
This book starts painstakingly slow. It took me a while to fully get drawn into the story, but looking back on the story I can’t see anything that could have been taken out.
I can’t deny Karen Witemeyer’s gift of weaving a fantastic story. Her characters are deep and don’t have shallow backgrounds or inconceivable histories. There are even the characters that get on your nerves because they feel like their better than anyone else.
The main character Eden was a little judgmental particularly when she found out about Levi’s past, which part of me wanted to wring her neck for being stupid while the other part of me wondered if I’d have done the same thing.
Levi’s character is basically what every woman dreams of in a guy. Tall, handsome, considerate, a real Christian guy. Even with the lisp, Levi is an incredible guy and his past only adds to it. Ms. Witemeyer definitely gets a thumbs up for that.
Chloe, the daughter of a prostitute that Levi and Eden take in, and Duncan, an Irish quarry worker who dreams of becoming a stone cutter and to woo his “bonny lass”, have a cute and quick romance and I actually hope that the author makes a book for that one.
The romance isn’t very passionate with very little hugs and kisses, but the romance has a nice speed, not too fast but not too slow, and you don’t really miss the absence of the gestures.
Overall, it starts out slow but it gets better and turns into a sweet romance novel that is perfect for new and old romance fans alike. I’d recommend this book to older teens and adults. I give it a four out of five.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.