An Expose on Teen Sex and Dating

85% of teens will be sexually active by the time they leave college. What are Christian parents supposed to do to make their child the exception, particularly with dating no where in the Bible? Andy Braner broaches the taboo and sometimes forbidden topic of sex and dating in teens and gives insight on how to talk to your children about it.
First off, I think it’s fair to note that I had no idea this was a book for parents when I ordered it. I thought it was a for teens on the subject. So that was a bit of a disappointment.
On the other hand, I think this is a great book for parents of preteen or teenage children, because it gets inside the minds of teens and how we think.
There are things that Andy says that I don’t agree with, however. He encourages parents to read their children’s texts, look at their computer history, and any other thing of that nature. He emphasizes that total openness with a dating teen is important and I can’t agree more, but snooping?! Another point he makes is that you pay for everything, which is true but I’m not really sure that means that you can check up on everything your child is doing.
Also, Mr. Braner’s perception of “hooking up” is innocent at best. He tells that hooking up is just a steamy make out session when in truth it is so much more. This can really mislead adults into thinking it’s something it’s not.
There are a lot of good points that he makes. Like, platonic dating leads to good social skills and prepares kids for a proper marriage; also, he also urges parents to talk to their kids about sex, not just the physical aspect, but the emotional and mental aspect as well.
Andy touches points that may be sore for some parents, but what all parents need to hear. He helps you identify what kind of parent you are when your child has a date, also he tells that if your child is around thirteen your child knows about sex; which is very true.
Overall, this book is a great book for parents to know how their kids think and how to change the perception of dating in parents’ minds, but there are aspects that he says that parents need to be careful of and take into consideration before following every word. I give it a three out of five.

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