A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills

Today I’m reviewing A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills by Kim O’Brien.
Millie is that girl from high school that had all the boyfriends and wanted to be a celebrity. David is that guy that you never really remembered and if you did you remembered a dork.
Fast forward about fifteen years. Millie still has a ton of boyfriends that she breaks up with within two months of a relationship, all while living and working with her mother, who keeps making her go on blind dates, while trying to make it to Hollywood.
David, on the other hand, has out grown his dorkiness and is now a widower dentist with an almost teen son and a stalker that wants to be his girlfriend.
So, when Millie loses a filling, she finds herself in David’s chair plotting a solution to both of their problems, they’ll “date”. It’s the perfect solution, Millie won’t have to worry about any more blind dates and David can finally break free from his stalker. But when feelings start to change for both of them, will Millie run from David because of her past or will she finally let love in?
This story isn’t bad. But it’s definitely not one of my favorites. Millie’s character wasn’t one of my favorites, which is never a good thing when you don’t like the main girl. David’s character was nice, though, and defied his family and all that was conventional to date Millie.
There is one thing that I noticed about this story. Most authors paint a picture of the town their describing in such a way that makes people almost way to pack up everything and move to the town of the characters, Kim O’Brien, however, paints an honest picture of the Black Hills and, frankly, it seems freezing there. She describes the Black Hills winter and I know that it is too cold for this Arizonian girl.
This book is Christian. You see a character or two turn their lives over to God and you see some of the more rules-than-faith Christians eat some humble pie, though they never admit it.
The romance in this story epitomizes the Christian romance. Gentle, subtle, and clean. The type of romance tweens could even read without worrying about any content that they shouldn’t read.
This book was okay. But I won’t be reading it again anytime soon. I don’t know why I didn’t like it very much. In fact, this book should be one of the ones that I was ecstatic over, but I’m not.
The name of the book made absolutely no sense to me. The “wedding blunder” in the title wasn’t until the end and no effect on the storyline. It’s not a big thing but I think that the author or publisher should have picked a better title. One that made sense with the story.
Overall, I like it, but I don’t. Perfect for a tween or teen, even an adult who likes a quick summer read or likes their romances subtle and clean. I give it a three out of five.

I was given this book by Barbour Books and Netgalley in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are all my own.