I know I don’t usually review video games but I had to on this one.
The story follows Cole, a normal bike delivery guy, or he was until an explosion ripped through Empire City wiping out six square block of the town. You see, Cole is being blamed for the explosion, he was apparently delivering the cause at the time of detonation. The blast was no ordinary blast though. It gave him extraordinary superpowers.
Now, Cole has a choice he can either make people fear him and become one of the people wrecking havoc on this disaster struck town, or he can protect the innocent civilians of Empire City and the decision is in your hands.
I got this game when the Playstation Network was, unfortuneately, hacked and they gave away two free games for each system that they sell. My sister talked me into buying it and, I’ll be honest, I was skeptical, but now I’m glad she did.
This game has fantastic graphics. The buildings and people almost look like they’re right in front of you. There is one thing though. When you get too close to a character you are conversing with it doesn’t feel real.
One of my favorite features of this game was the open-world feature of this game. It allows you to choose a mission out of your main and side missions or could just stroll around the city to your hearts content, although strolling is a little difficult with Reapers and various other enemies roaming the same streets.
In general, the controls are responsive and easy to control. There are a few things that are more difficult to do. For example, maneuvering out of a jump is almost impossible. Also, I wish that you could fire by just pushing R1 instead of L1 then R1.
The storyline, for me, is one of the most, if not the most, important part of a game and this one had no lack of excitement and it kept me interested the entire time.
The game has T rating because of violence, language, and innuendo. Overall, the violence is to be expected with this type of game. However, I could do without the language and sexual innuendo and found that most of the time they were inappropriate and completely unnecessary.
The voice acting in this game was good as well as the sounds and details. If someone had a surround sound system they could really get lost in this game.
Overall, I love this game. The graphics, acting, gameplay, controls, and storyline are top notch with just a few glitches, while the language and innuendo was unnecessary. I give this game a four and a half out of five.