Code Blue

Dr. Cathy Sewell has come back to her hometown after a broken relationship, but the peace she expects to find there is eluding her.
When Cathy is almost killed in a deliberate car accident, she realizes someone isn’t happy about her return.
To men fight for her affection. Lawyer Will Kennedy, her high school sweetheart and the man that rescued her after the accident, and Dr. Marcus Bell, who wants a relationship but refuses to get involved in her hospital privileges.
With no one to trust and someone out to kill her, Cathy has to rely on herself and God to find the culprit.
This book is suspenseful, with a black SUV causing so much trouble, and I got to say there definitely has a plot twist at the end.
But this is Richard Mabry’s debut novel and it’s not as great as it would have been had a seasoned writer had concocted it. It doesn’t quite live up to the potential that the author has.
Keeping that in mind, however, I found this book enjoyable and I genuinely wanted to come back and read more.
This is a Christian book, but I found it lacking in the faith department. It’s definitely a book more surrounded by the mystery than Christ.
The romance was gentle and pleasant. It was slow and steady instead of rushed or quick and I found that it fit perfectly.
Overall, this is an enjoyable story that had plot twists and a storyline that drew you in, but may have been better if it hadn’t been a debut novel. I’d recommend it for anyone who is getting started in suspense books or anyone in medicine. I give it three out of five.