Zack Brewer’s speedy trial is turning into a media circus. Why? Because Zack is prosecuting a man who homosexually sexually assaulted four other Navy SEALS. Also, the presidential candidate, Eleanor Claxton, is condemning their attempts at jail time, creating riots and publicity.
Shannon McGillvery finds that Diane Colcernian, Zack’s ex-cocounsel might not be dead after all and they have two weeks to find and save her. Shannon decides to put her growing feelings for Zack aside and searches for Diane in a mission that could easily start WWIII.
These books always remind me of the old TV show JAG. I loved that show and I love these books, but there was something missing from this one. Maybe it was the lack of Diane and most likely the lack of court room scenes.
Some people would say that the story plot was unbelievable, in a bad way, but for some reason, I found it believable. Part of me doesn’t think it’s past many politicians to use a case like the one in this book for publicity.
Don Brown has always drawn me in with his books and the Zack Brewer and Diane Colcernian romance. In this story though, it seems that Zack is cuddling up to Wendy Poole a fellow JAG officer completely different from Diane. His love and the fact that he misses her after eighteen months is what I love about him.
This book is Christian and most of the non-Christians in this book cry out to God in times of trials and moments of despair. Don Brown incorporates it all so well.
Politics obviously are in this book and Don Brown makes his stand as a Republican Conservative very clear so for some who are opposite may be slightly offended.
Overall this book is good, like the others, for those who enjoyed JAG and the anything to with the Navy JAGs. Though I wouldn’t recommend this for small children I would, however say that teens could read this. I give it four out of five.
I received this book free for this review. All opinions are mine.