Pitch Black

Hi! My review this time is on Pitch Black by Melody Carlson
What would you do if your brother was a drug addict, your mom just ran off to marry some man almost half her age, and you just found out that your best friend committed suicide? Odds are you’d be devastated with no one to talk to. This is the life of Morgan.
It’s natural that Morgan feels lost and wonders what to do, but her and her friends start considering suicide when they believe that if Jason can’t handle life how can they? When Morgan and her friends are interrupted in they’re attempt at Tylenol overdose, Morgan goes on the hunt to find the truth of her friend’s suicide, all the while trying to determine if she wants to kill herself too.
First off let me say that if you or a friend is considering please someone. It won’t make you a bad friend. For additional info about suicide and suicide prevention please go to Suicide.
I loved this author. Melody Carlson is that author that pushes the envelope and goes to that area that most shy away from. This book is no different.
A book on teen suicide is something different and particularly the mode of suicide, Tylenol overdose.
Ms. Carlson broaches the questions that all of us would ask if a friend killed themselves and answers most of them. Also she shows how many teens consider teens after a friend commits suicide.
There is one thing I didn’t care much for in this book. The main reason people use to convince people that they shouldn’t commit suicide is that it’s final, which is true but the fact that that was the only reason was a little disappointing.
This book is Christian and is obvious with Morgan’s renewed faith and her grandma’s conversion to Christ. Compared to Melody Carlson’s other books, though, this is a little light but fit extremely well.
Overall, this book was amazing and I loved it. I think it’s the perfect book for teens and is an extraordinary tale about suicide and the symptoms of it. I give it four and a half out of five.
If you think someone may be considering suicide please get help an use the resources above. Some of the symptoms of someone who may be considering suicide are: depression, change in eating or sleeping habits, drug or alcohol abuse, neglect of appearance, withdrawal from friends, boredom, loss of interest, and personality changes.
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