A Reluctant Queen

Sorry this took so long. Here’s A Reluctant Queen.
Esther’s love story. Esther is living a simple life with her uncle Mordecai and loves to try and guess what the new king looks like. When Esther and her friends learn of Vashti’s disobedience and divorce, they’re shocked.
Her uncle dreams a dream and uses Esther to prevent it. Using her heritage she gets into the palace, will she abandon her faith because she’s mad at her uncle. When she starts falling for the king will she tell him and if she does will he divorce her like he did Vashti?
Joan Wolf definitely had a great idea when she wrote this story, because, like she said, the components for a great love story are all there in the original Esther story. I always wondered if Esther truly fell in love with the king or if she just lived her life love by a husband. Though I don’t know if she ever did, this story kind of fulfills that fantasy.
Unfortunately, there are liberties, but then again I kind of figured that. A few names and origins are changed and the author took liberties in the way that she created situations that may or may not have happened.
The romance in this novel is perfect, there’s passion without being too much. Of course, being as how they’re married there is that factor and Ms. Wolf handled it perfectly.
If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s a Christian book and it truly is a story of bravery and following God’s plan no matter what it costs. Esther’s faith, though she tries to run from it is extraordinary.
Overall, fantastic story, but if you’re a person that takes accuracy very importantly you may not like this one. Also the romance is a little more passionate than most books so it’s not book for younger readers. I’d give it four and a half out of five.
Here it is. Beyond all Measure by Dorothy Love.
Ada Wentworth is broke and desperate, so when a job offer comes along she packs her one bag and heads off to Hickory Ridge to be a lady’s companion. Little did she know that Lillian Willis is a headstrong woman who knows what she wants.
As Wyatt Caldwell, Lillian’s nephew, and Ada fall in love, will Ada drop everything, including her growing business, to move to Texas to be a rancher’s wife?
Ms. Love has a knack for description, a gift not all authors possess, and it truly paints a fantastic picture in my head.
I love the fellow ladies of Hickory Ridge and Sophie. All except Bea draw you in and make you love them. They tease and laugh and of course gossip. They’re definitely inviting and you wish that they were in the story more, and real.
The romance kicks in at a great pace, it doesn’t take forever but not too quickly. Of course everyone else realizes their love before they do. 🙂
The story had some pleasant, and not so pleasant, surprises and twists. Particularly with “The Klan” and you find out who really is Ada’s friend and who isn’t.
Lillian is a major part of the faith aspect of this story. Both Ada and Wyatt don’t really have a relationship with God and Lillian makes Ada read her the Bible before she goes to bed.
This book is pretty good but for some reason, I couldn’t really get into it, that’s why it took me so long to post this review. I don’t even know why I can’t get into it. There isn’t really one thing that’s wrong with it.
Overall, I think this book is perfect for people who love historical romances and for people just starting out reading romance because it is very innocent in the romance. For some reason it didn’t draw me in like some books and I was slightly disappointed. I give it three out of five.
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