This time it’s Hostage by Don Brown.
Zack Brewer just wants to forget and move on from his last case, the prosecution of three terrorists pretending to be military chaplains. But that might prove to be difficult as the organization behind the chaplains aim to kill him and his partner Diane Colcernian.
The Dome of the Rock is destroyed by two Muslim-American military pilots, Jack is called for a prosecution, again. Only this time the woman he loves, Diane, could be killed with the verdict. If he loses WWIII could break out, if he wins Diane dies. He has to make a hard choice and sacrifice Diane or millions.
After having the pleasure of reading Treason, the first in this series, and The Malacca Conspiracy, the follow-up to this series, I had to choose this book when I had the opportunity to choose a book to review. After being pleasantly surprised at Don Brown’s previous books, I hoped that this story would be as good as those, I wasn’t disappointed in the least.
Don Brown flawlessly combines the JAG and Navy with international crises and suspense together to make a very interesting book. His five years of being a JAG definitely show in this book.
Never before have I ever been interested in court-room drama in a book and as I read this series I feel reminiscent of the TV show JAG and how much I enjoyed that show.
This book is Christian as are every book I review and faith is throughout this book. Jack and Diane, the two co-pilots, a few victims.
Because this book deals with terrorism there is references to Allah and the Muslim religion.
Romance is melded into the story, but is very toned down for a few reasons, I believe. One, the romance any stronger would have overpowered the main story and two, it was written by a man. The reason I say that is because books that I’ve read written by men, that have romance in them, have very little, sometimes almost non-existent, romances. Not that I mind in this case.
The ending was kind of bad, but for some reason I liked the way it ended. It was bittersweet and I look forward to reading book three.
Overall, this is one of the best books I have ever read and I will definitely read it again. If you liked JAG when it was on the air and as long as you don’t confuse him with a similar sounding author, Dan Brown, you will enjoy this book. I give it four and a half out of five.
I was given this book free from Zondervan for this review. I was in no way obligated to write a good review. Everything I have written is my personal opinion.


3 thoughts on “Hostage

  1. “Because this book deals with terrorism there is, obviously, references to Allah and the Muslim religion.”
    Wow. You do realize that terrorism is not synonymous with Islam, right?
    Being Muslim does not make you a terrorist, and not all terrorism is done in the name of Islam.
    Don’t be so close-minded.


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