Kindle 3G & WiFi

So, my sixteenth birthday was on the twenty-third and me being, well, me, my parents got me a new camera and a Kindle. I’ll post the camera review later. Right now, it’s all about the Kindle.
The latest generation of the Kindle series now has 3G that is completely free so you can download literally from anywhere, although you can get it with just wifi. It stores up to 4GB, which, if you take advantage of the new experimental music player and don’t store your whole music on it, can store a ton of books. New experimental features include text-to-speech and web search.
First, I have to say, I love this thing. It stores all of my Kindle library and allows me to read it anywhere in an area as thick as a pencil. I really love the fact that it looks just like paper. When I turned it on for the first time I almost started picking at the side of the screen for that annoying sticker that they plaster on the glass.
I am extremely happy that I got the 3G and wifi one. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of downloading a book with 3G, but I did go out of town and did a web search right from my Kindle! I even tweeted! The Internet connection is a little slow, I won’t lie, but then again it is an experimental thing, so for the fact that it is brand new, it work pretty well. Just don’t try do anything on Facebook with it, trust me. It freezes up like a popsicle in Antarctica.
The text-to-speech is pretty neat and my mom and sister want one because of it, but because it’s experimental, the voice, whether male or female, is robotic and only pauses when there’s a period and speeds up with any other sign. If listened to for long periods of time, you can get a tad creeped out and annoyed because he/she is speeding along at rates you can hardly follow.
I have yet to transfer any music onto my Kindle, so I can’t really tell you if it works right. I guess it’s for two reasons: one, I can’t read and listen to music at the same time and two, I want to keep as much space open as I can for new books.
As for menus and navigation, the menus are pretty easy to find and operate and most navigation is used with the forward/backward button on the side. Typing can be pretty bad, but only if you have to use numbers or symbols (@”&/:;,’!?,).
I do wish this was in color, though that probably takes away from the reading experience, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.
Even though the version with 3G is $189 and the version without is only $129 I think that if your thinking about getting this fantastic piece of equipment, you should get it with 3G. The 3G pays for itself considering you pay $60 more for unlimited, absolutely free, no subscriptions required 3G. Just think about a road trip or flight (granted you travel) with no wifi and you’ve run out of books to read. Gasp.
Overall, great invention that any bookworm should love. Though it is one of those things that will bust more than a few people’s budgets in today’s economy, if you can afford it, get it. Plus, in one year, you can over 160 books that were 100% free. Who doesn’t love that?! I give this product a four point five out of five.
I also got a lighted case for my Kindle and I want to review it as well.
Best parts about this lighted case? One, is a light and a case in one. Two, no batteries! Three allows reading at night while protecting your Kindle.
Bad parts? Drains your Kindle faster than if reading without, is too bright to read with when someone trying to sleep in the room, like in one of the photos, but not too bright, is letting your kindle just connect to the metal that starts the light instead of a strap or Velcro to connect to your Kindle, potentially causing the light to either break or your Kindle to.
Overall four out of five.
Thanks for reading my review. I hope this helps in your decision in whether or not to buy a Kindle. If you have found that I left something out please let me know.
Like I said at the beginning I got a camera. I will post a review of my Canon Powershot SD1400 IS soon.