Sorry it took so long for me to write another review. I haven’t finished another book. It’s been a crazy week.
First off, I know I’m way behind on this, but, I just now watched a Bluray movie today. Why, you ask? Well, we got the PS3 for Christmas and just now found a movie we haven’t seen on Bluray. The movie was Unstoppable, by the way.
Now, the reason I’m doing this review is because one, I wanted to get something up and, two, because if anyone hasn’t seen anything in Blu-ray (like me until today), they probably want to know if it’s worth it.
The Blu-ray experience is different I’ll give you that. It does give you a crisper picture and the sound definitely is better than an original DVD. Is it worth it though? Let’s see.
To play a Blu-ray disc you need a special player (or a PS3) that costs significantly more than a regular player, but the player plays regular and Blu-ray so it isn’t a total waste of cash.
Also some discs comes with an additional original disc for those who want to watch but doesn’t have a Blu-ray player. Disney even has started putting in a another digital copy of the movie that makes burning the movie easier. But, keep in mind, the Blu-ray version is twenty dollars more, even more so if you want the other copies.
Blu-ray has become really popular and today I found out why. Like I said the picture is crisper and sharper. But, did I see a huge difference? Not really. Sure, the picture WAS in hi-def but I would not buy every movie in Blu-ray form.
Also sound, this was one of the things that was amazing. I watched Unstoppable on this and I kept it lower than if I was watching just an original version, and I did. I also didn’t struggle to hear the dialogue between characters like I did in the other movie. If your a stickler for sound quality or you just like hearing what your supposed to, Blu-ray is better.
Also, there’s interactive activities. That may not seem like much to the older people reading this, but to kids, this is awesome. I always loved checking out the activities, videos, and clips in the menu. So if you have children that’s an added bonus.
My conclusion of Blu-ray is that though the picture isn’t a dramatic change, the sound quality make it worth checking into, but if your on a budget, dump Blu-ray and get two other movies for the same price. I recommend Blu-ray only to the movies that you absolutely love and can’t get enough of. If you like the movie enough to buy it but don’t love it, stick with the original copy.
Thanks for reading this review, please tell me what you think or if you want to review anything. I would love to hear from you
Until next time.